Lvl 55, Looking for Team

Looking for Team (Applying)
My level — 55
My IGN — IvarsxValkyrie
My league — Gold III, preferably a league no lower than current

Language: English
Time Zone: PST
Played time: 7 months
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not at the moment
Dragon Roster Includes: Gargula, Leos, Equestor, Aibrean, Fomhar, Nollaig, Ith, Ettin, Amarok
Highest Lineage Dragon: Ettin

About: I recently left the team who taught me the ropes after a change in leadership, and original members slowly started leaving one by one. The “home” feel just wasn’t there for me anymore and playing became more of a chore than fun. We had just moved up to platinum league. Joined a new team in gold league ( also current one I’m a member of ) which fell apart after 5 days of being there. Leader left out of nowhere, leadership kept being handed off, went from 38 members to 17 and still dropping. I would like a team that communicates, is dedicated to growing, and doesn’t fall apart every time there’s a “hiccup”. I still consider myself new to the game and take advice with open arms! I’m active in wars and events. Looking to join as soon as breeding event ends.


Apply to deathdealers

If your looking for family, support and relaxed fun … with no requirement to spend $$$ but needing to show up for every war . TheHungerGames may be for you …

Send me an ingame PM if you have any questions.

DracoCreatures is happy to accept you :smile:
Note: Most of us are little to no spender, and Elite is not a requirement.

strong textWe are a gold level two would like you to join our team we are an active team and growing great people and have lots of fun requirements are like any team must participate in wars and events thanks for your time

We are looking for family members. Take a look at FamilyDragon

My team is 2.5 years old, ain’t going anywhere. Join SoloHunter in Gold 2 and we can help you learn more of the strategies. As you grow the team will too.

We are looking for active members😊 check us out at NWDragons we would love to have you!


We are a brand new team (1 month) but my officers and myself have been playing the game together for nearly a year and have a some high level players. We share resources and help with xp runs.

We will be Gold IV at league change, possibly Gold III depending on if we can get enough wars in between now and then (I won’t declare on a team more than once and we are running out of teams in our current league, lol). Otherwise the following league change I’m confident we will be Gold III. We are working hard to move up to Gold II-I or maybe even Plat IV before settling in for a bit.

If interested please let me know. We have a few alts and inactives we can kick to make room. Would love to have you!

I currently have one person that’s gone inactive and missed war. We are looking for a dependable replacement. Most of my teammates have been with me for well over a year. We have a very tight group and will help in any way. Our only requirements are…

  1. Do not miss war. If life happens please get in touch with me or an officer
  2. Communication not only for the above mentioned but also during war/events/xp runs. Everything runs more smoothly with good communication.
  3. Do your best in events. Especially pvp.
  4. Must have a playful and fun personality. We like to have fun.

Current IGN: SultryKnickers (until event is over. If you join you’ll understand lol) Message me if you’re interested.

I have room for you on gold 2 team

Hi MassiveChaos are looking for new players. We have been together for a couple of years and have a strong leadership. We are about helping each other grow and look for team players who think the same. It’s about team work and sticking together. We would welcome a player like you
Our leader @ElysChaos is fantastic. We have a bond with TaskForce

Check out MassiveChaos2. They are great

Join us ! Un4givenSaints.

Crickets is in Gold 2. We have a strong core family base that isn’t going anywhere. Some of us have been together for over 2 years. We are currently working on team building and strengthening our members. You are welcome to join our family. We’re almost full so let us know soon if you want a spot.

TheWarriors50 is looking for active players. We just moved up to Gold II. Strong bonds in this team as groups have migrated here from various failing teams. We pride ourselves on not being a team full of 100+ level, pay to play players. We do well in events because of high activity and participation. We keep our wiki up to date and love sharing information to help everyone succeed because that’s how we succeed, together! We aren’t as strict as some teams and love to have a good time playing together. Feel free to stop by or drop a line after the event to see if we’re a good fit for you! :slight_smile:

Apply to Un4givenSaints. We are in gold, striving for platinum. Friendly , active, helpful, committed to growing. If that’s you too, then we’d love to have you.
WillisRWasbe. Un4givenSaints.

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