Lvl 600 looking for team

Language: English
Time Zone: Australia
Played time: depends
Elite Account?: not for atlas currently
Dragon Roster Includes: dragons
Highest Lineage Dragon: end tier

Alright so I’m having a chill back break where I can just relax from the game, I don’t what to have a full break or I would be behind in stuff such as breeding tower lvl ect.
All I ask is 8/8 I don’t care about the league or anything. I have a lot of assignments and exams I need completing, my real life is getting in the way of WD.
When I get more active I will get atlas elite until than I don’t see the point in playing atlas.
I do all my quests and all my events.
I’m not looking for any Dimond or sapphire team unless they will allow me to slack in atlas.

Thank you :pray:

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Real life getting in the way of war dragons, how I know that too well :joy::joy: I have some teams I csn refer you too If you like that covers those area

Weird. When I used Scripts to look you up and player thats level 6 showed up instead XD.

But there are alot of teams that would love to have you. Im sure if you look through the LMF tab youll find a team youll like, or unless any of the ones cruel has speaks to ya :slight_smile:

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There isn’t a “1” in his name

That would explain it XD

Come give sparklemotion a try

As long as you can score 8/8, do wars, and maintain active, my team will accept. We also don’t have any atlas requirements. Apply after the event if you’re interested :wink:

We might be a good fit for you. Team is PeritusDraconi. We are Sapphire 3. 8/8, and 5/5 for main game.
Atlas we currently have really low requirements. We do raids a decent amount tho, so you can join one if available :slight_smile: we also attend prim training events etc during pvp.
Our token pay out of 2164 for league, and atlas combined.
Hit me up with any questions!

Necryx remove the 1