Lvl 64 829k Attack Power Looking for Team

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – LVL 64 BossBeeb – `was Platinum 2 or 3’ Was with old team for a year and a half

Language: ENGL
Time Zone: Central but I’m a night owl
Played time: All da time
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes: 829k attack power. Kinnarus, Gargula, Equestor, Nollaig (working on defense)

About: Was with my team for a year and a half before I was kicked to make room for bigger players. Love being with the same teams and building relationships. Also love to win.

Hi BossBeeb,
Come take alook at us at NWDragons. We would be happy to have you.
We ask that you complete your war attacks and join in the events and otherwise just chat or help the team out.
We are in Gold 2/3 at the moment while we rebuild

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I invite you to check out NagaWarriors. We are currently Platinum 4 and looking to bolster our roster. All we ask is War participation and doing your best in events and Team Quests, and I can guarantee you’d not be removed for a higher level player :grinning:

You’re welcomed to join The Red Eclipse. Lots of players that have played together a long time. We don’t kick to make room for larger players. We do kick if there is lack of participation/chat/non-sportsmanship.

Let me know.


Consider FallenShadows, platinum 3 team. We are always open to an a tive player willing to learn and grow. Im AngEngland on the game.

We are in Platinium 4 but once the team is completed with WarDragons lovers we are planning to move up! Apply any time we are happy swap alts out :grin::hugs::hugs: InfernoDemons is our team

We are rebuilding and don’t kick for level. People grow as they wish here and we just support you. If you want to take a look we’re not at our best. Rebuilding after our large players moved to higher leagues but burningbreeze would love to have you grow with us. Most of the team has been together since it was created over a year ago.

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