Lyth—Alien Creature

Hey forum friends,
I want him. I want him. He’s a red Divine and I need him. How do I get Lyth? And if I can’t, then how was he once available? I gotta know for sure… please! :t_rex:

Edit: My cat GIF isn’t working :slightly_frowning_face:

You cannot get him. Like all divines, he was limited time only for events.


Aww heck, okay. Thank you :sweat: Thought he might’ve been a special case, lol. :t_rex:

I want dimachaerus instead. cloak - steal essence - deathgaze

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Also never coming back.


Sell you a Sigurd or Ebon cheap…

I didn’t mean to insinuate that I wanted ‘em to come back :sweat_smile: Just was wondering where lyth came from haha :t_rex:


PG should enable the use of mystic fragments on the old divine dragons. Right now they just sit in egg incubator with no hopes of being incubated.

The egg incubator? You mean the Breeding Castle? :thinking: :t_rex:

That would piss a lot of old players off for no reason, honestly.


These dragons only show up in egg incubator if you have claimed some fragments back in the day.

What old players would get mad at these red, blue, green tier eggs? None of the old divines are higher than platinum.

I would be happy to use mystic fragments on the partial eggs, so they can be off my incubator.

It’s a collectors right, a bragging right. It has nothing to do with power or advantage.

no … just no…collectibles are just that, collectibles, you missed the time to collect them, then you missed it, period, no if or but about it.


Then PG should find a way to remove the partial eggs from my incubator. They serve no purpose at all.

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