M3rcuryRising Gold 4 LFM

Gold 4 LFM
Language: English Fluent! (we do have others that speak other languages)
Time Zone: All over
Played time: Doesn’t matter, we like to help and teach
Age Range: Mature
Elite Account: Prefered, but you don’t have to
Level: Prefer 25+ but if you are very active that is fine. Our highest right now is a 94 our lowest a 14. Would be nice to have a variety

About: Looking for active to very active members to join our team. We left our platinum team for the soul purpose of helping others and to teach how to play the game more wisely.
We are a super friendly, and very welcoming bunch. We love playing this game.!
We do expect ALL war participation and to do your best in events. Also, we use Line App for all our notes and tutorials so that is a necessary to have. We have lot’s of info on there.
If interested please contact Fred4473 or Laurentb or ScaraMonster at M3rcuryRising!
Thanks so much

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