Mad people Calm Down about the rebalancing now

Im sorry but i will always be the 10th man that when all agrees, ill be the once to disagree. And i think i have to for his instance.

I saw a post about boycotting and stuff, and im like … is this the first time they actually played a game wherein monthly , quarterly , yearly , there will ne a trend , thread, new META, Beta and all that sh*t?
I have couple of points,

The reason they make changes is not to their own benefit, but to actually put twist on the game, make a straight line curvy? Or in other words, stop a current style and make a new one, just like in fashion , other games, music, movies etc, they make new things, stating the obvioous they dont want the people in game to keep doing the same things over and over, hence why put atlas right? “I know what u will say, yes we will stop what we are doing and we will stop spending”. MEHHH… :expressionless:

Lets go to tower nerfing, lets stop whining for a bit and actually think about why PG thinks dark flak towers (lets just stick with dark flak) are imbalanced. Im pretty sure we all saw how freaking great drak flak is when defended, sorcerer 2 hits with super shot, hunters 2 hits, warriors couple of hits, and that is just flak towers alone, Like with a stacked high lvl towers and mages that involves a dark flak its almost unbeatable when defended “please dont give me ur bull that it can be sanded” yeah i know we are almost all at the point wherein we do the drain island. My main point is PG is actually avoiding for us to have a typical setup of base wherein all is dependednt on dark flak. I also understand that people may think that they did this so that spenders will actually get those Eembers out from swiping them cards.

Another point of changes are flying variety of dragons. Arent you guys bored seeing necryx necryx necryx, sand here sand there, cloak cloak cloak, no warriors , no sorcerers as lead or bsically all is shit except hunters, like its being a stereotype that ppl think that “ah i know how to fly hunters im now a good flyer” , but have u ever thought of lvl 250 + 300 , or maybe even 500 that is actually an semi old dude or woman, who actually just played this game alone or maybe couple of games but not as interactive as this who cant really be as effective with hunters? Have u ever thought that we might not have seen them complain those who spends alot in game who actually loves to play warriors or sorcerers because theyre not real gamers and doesnt even know about forums. For those who might not know most leagues in platinum below isnt even utilizing forums ? Your so called “for unskilled flyers?” , lemme tell you what, if u trully are as skilled as you think you are flying hunters, and u really think that this update is very bad idea, make a video , write suggestions instead of complains, show all show PG what you actually think in a more decent civilized way.

And Heres the thing, did they actually ask you to spend? No, “u might say but i saw in loading screen buy a pack yada uada yada, oh please come on dont be a stupid troll” Why do you spend tho? Is it actually because you want to win? Yes, why do you want to win tho? Because you love the freaking game.




If youre a cash player , You paid for what you have right now, you are strong, but at the end of the day , this is game, you spending doesnt actually translate to you dictating PG what to do with the game. And yes PG asking for feedback every change , every update , is an act of weakness as a developer that u might think they dont know what they are doing believe me they havecthought of this through before releasing, im very sure someone have seen these complains coming, but they still did it. Come on guys, dont be afraid with changes. Give it a week and im pretty sure they will or might do something about whats going on, or … game has already changed and we can all start flying variety of dragons again :smiling_imp:.

This long… and i still wanna say… just sayin…

Mamba out.


the largest problem with this update, while yes nerfing is huge, is the fact that to balance your base now you have to upgrade basically 5 more towers to the same level towers you had before to have a “balanced” base. that takes more than just money, for a a majority its a lot of time and effort put into a base set up. which this update completely threw under the bus. I gladly welcome the new Flak but the other changes weren’t necessary. The only thing that will stop the whole, Nec, nec nec attacks is the new flak. no other changes were necessary for a majority of the players

With that being said, now would you create an archer tower? Or a cannon?or a lightning? I mean if youre a lvl 300 + prolly you have one , two or more of those. And yes thats their point, for lvl 250, below or whatever player, the priority has always been the typical tower set setups, you know what i mean . And “probably “ they also want variety of combinations of towers. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Make a new style…huh? A new style that ruins 90% of people’s bases. Everyone’s bases are dependent on the dark flaks, fire turrets, ice turrets and fire flaks. (Not literally everyone) Adding the ice flak that initially slowed hunter Ammo regeneration and uses elemental embers. Not to mention the super shot that temporarily disables dragon spells and currently it does the most damage. Now whales will replace dark flaks with ice flaks or add them to their base. Clearly gives PG a lot of money.

Im not going to debug the rest because I got a Fort event to catch. And yeah u are complaining about other people complaining. Sounds like u don’t like this uprays either.

They did say, ice flak is subject to change tho. :slight_smile:

4 people replying (including myself) speaks for itself no?

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Here’s the thing. Drastically WEAKENING, not rework, not change, weakening, the thing that many people have paid for is not good. People bought these embers with the expectation they would be at least usable and of comparable strength.

Had this been a rework where things were tweaked, nerfed and buffed or changed to work differently but still worked to a reasonable standard then none of this outcry would have happened.

Dress it how you want. A paid for and built up over time product has had its value reduced to almost unusable levels. People have a right to be angry and to voice concerns. Telling someone to calm down and stop being mad is like saying “don’t be mad at the person who made something you own worth 60% less and gave nothing to fill the space left”

If you want the rage to stop. Propose solutions. Encourage civility and stop toxicity. Fix the problem. Then the anger dies



Change itself isn’t a bad thing as it tends to open paths along with two sides of the same medal. We have seen it so many times.

Like some, I do find it dull to see the same base setup over and over again. Storm shielding as usual, ice tower adds some HP, dark flak with dragon finally in range firing off two ss. It worked so well base design became too uniform and stagnant.

A Unintended Side Effect - As you can see, it has been brought to attention and not only you, I included would welcome to see change right there.

True, given these responses a re-balance is very likely and like you I am not someone who is inclined to join the trend of crying out loud. Yet, don’t you think it is kind of funny to realise re-balancing might not take place soon if it wouldn’t be for the latter?

This game requires a lot of time, dedication, strategy and (in competitive play) money.
Proper base building inclines a key setup of a few towers at the highest possible level which also results in a certain tower-level-disparity. In this case, because it worked so well, many have poured their resources into a setup which turned not viable over night.

Those wo went that path require a base reconfiguration given current circumstances. It would take some months, some years or a significant amount of money to obtain what has been before. The result would be a permanent reduced base level/defense strength ratio and no trust for further commitment.

You talk about simply going with change and moving along meta. This doesn’t work here and I am sure you wouldn’t be as understanding if - lets say the car you have been saving for and finally obtained with great difficulty - gets taken away and exchanged for another one giving only a fraction of what was promised.

In short, lets wait and see, I am with you right here if I didn’t misunderstood your intentions. Yet I hope you can see it is quite harsh of you to not broaden your outlook and at least try to understand where all this frustration is coming from.


Sorry guys I may have overlooked things before I even posted this, because I wrote this before fortification and havent tried the update itself. And jeesus christ, the nerfed towers, lvl 240 - 250 even with a decent base setup is beig run down by a lvl 35 sapphire or mythic dragon.

I will admit, insensitivity . Sorry for most of the things I have said.


So is it okay to close this thread now?

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