Mafic and Lumina SPELLS 👎🏻


Can we all agree FLASH and LiGHTSPEED are useless spells ??? Lumina and Mafic (Especially being a Mythic) needs better spells to make them somewhat useful…I feel like I wasted breeding tokens…I primarily use hunters as I’m sure 80% of people do, and to have one out of three Obsidians useful kind of sucks ( for lack of a better term ) hopefully PG hears this and at least takes this into consideration.


Do you have these dragons (or one of them)? I am curious to see a real player fly them in practice to see how they work. On paper they look god awful, but I would kill to see it in person.


Yes I have Lumina


I went for Hedran this event instead of Lumina because of those spells. Would you mind attacking me with Lumina or showing a video? My main accounts are: TheRedDelilah (158), Red (263) and RedStash (322).


Honestly the spells don’t do anything great, fire turret resist is a dud resist since they’re so slow to react, Flash: slows the dragon down and attack tower weapons ( so the ammo slows from attack towers but you’re slowed down…think about it and the screen shakes which makes more difficult to hit targets ) tell me how that spell is useful…Lightspeed: blinds targets but they’re still hitting you and gives you more ammo but the ammo is less effective than normal ammo so the spell kinda cancels itself out so essentially you’ve got Fire Resist and intimidating roar ( or whatever it’s called ) to use on the dragon…


Yessem one second gotta run a stop call really quick.


Deano defended but there was really nothing I could do in front of red and blue mages he needs a white spell and cloak or healing otherwise he’s dead in the water


Thank you. It is sad that these two hunters are such a waste :persevere:


I just breed Rhyo back breed Obsidian legendary and wait the new tier release :rofl::rofl: mythic warrior and hunter is awful not worth 240k eggs. Flash should be 100% or 90% dodge or at least still 60% but dodge beam attack too but nope pg think it is too OP :joy::joy: And what on the earth with lightning speed :joy::joy::joy: reduces ammo cost but reduce damage, why don’t just easy reduce ammo and increase damage that way be can kill tower fast and his ammo bar will out fast just like lightning :joy::joy:


Good points :lion:!!!


I always feel like PG so scared to give dragons a good spell set, even with divine after first fall season.


These spells looked bad on paper and having since bred Lumina, that assumption has been confirmed. Guess they cant all be Nocts…but they shouldnt be this bad.


Mafic isn’t too bad due to the simple fact that he has a decent resist and he can heal himself.

Lumina is garbage, not worth to be trained past breeding level.

I never use light speed it’s only good when you equip havok but it’s better to use it with his regular shots.

Decreasing damage and increasing shot rate is exactly the same damage wise. This spell is worthless and I hope we won’t see it again @pgjared @eggtoken

Flash could be ok if the dodging would have an 80% chance


This is now the 3rd tier in a row where a legendary hunter has outshined the mythic. That…should not happen. Can the person on the dev team who designed these spells (@pgEcho ?) clue us in as to the thought process? Why have the screen shake when you use Flash? What is the point of less ammo consumption/less damage? Did the people on the dev team who flew Noc and Mafic think that Mafic was clearly superior (which a mythic should be)?


For light speed, i checked the damage and its 40% of the damage of a regular shot. So to make it a better value on paper, you would have to get more than 2.5 times as many shots. That equates to an ammo bar giving you more than 30 shots, which I do think it does, though its very hard to tell exactly how many you get. Coupled with the AOE damage on activation, I guess I can see how it might “seem” like it would be good to the devs. The problem is that when you use it in reality, its not efficient. I mean, having to tap a tower 20 times to kill it isnt helping anyone, even if technically, the damage per sec stat is higher during light speed.


Issue is hammers land, so nullifies damage with light speed.

Dodge spell doesnt work with mages nor elemental beams. Aka sitting duck


You would think Flash should affect all towers rather than just projectile ones - after all they all need to aim at the dragon (yes assuming those tiny people around the tower are actually firing them… :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, if you use real life as an example, flash should blind and cause all towers to be ineffective for a few secs (say either stun or cause them to fire wildly with 90% chance of missing) - kind of like a flashbang grenade.


@Arelyna any chance you could get a member of the dev team to take a look at this thread and perhaps buff these spells a bit? They are a real letdown on what is supposed to be the premier hunter of the Obsidian tier.


I never like threads that are purely derogatory towards something in the game. So what? You hate it and it sucks, but why do you think it will be changed from this feedback? Always offer a solution. Make your feedback sound like it’s been thought over and not just a split second decision. People paid to have these dragons don’t slap them in the face PG. All of the dragons in tiers above platinum should be useful. We play/pay too much to only trash a dragon because the spell hurts you rather than helps you. The dragons will be outdated when the next tier comes so why do you make it such?

Now if i were to have these dragons(which I wont for another year+) i would hate the spells too. Flash should do what it says: blind the towers. If you want Flash to be a good spell have the dragon dodge all attacks AFTER the spell has been used so projectiles still hit which is understandable since light cant just move objects out of the way once they’ve been thrown with visible accuracy. The spell could then last for 3-5 seconds and allow the dragon to dodge all attacks except lightning since the static is attracted to the dragons and not aimed at all (just an idea). If the spell could last more than 5 seconds maybe you could dodge like i ststed above but once you use click another spell the defensive towers can see you and begin attacking.

See how this makes the spell something that improves the dragon?.. Currently the dragon slows down which is terrible for any flier that wants to defeat any base. Also the dragon only dodges what? 40-50% of projectile shots??? Really? The defensive towers are blinded by a flash of light. I stood in a dark room after shining a flashlight in my eyes and it took me almost 40 seconds before my vision had adjusted to the dark and i could see outlines - so why such amazing eyesight from the little guys on our bases? Make Flash better.

Regarding Light Speed, i really like this spell’s potential! Currently… it sucks. How can you take the idea of a spell, which should make a dragon BETTER, and then make it decrease a dragon’s stats?!? I don’t understand. Light Speed sounds like the dragon can go super duper fast right?! Nope. It just makes it a pee-shooter, and for those above the age of dexterous fingers it does nothing but make flying harder.

Light Speed being only a 1 rage spell should only be so powerful. Knowing this and what it’s intended to do we can easy come up with ideas. I propose that the spell can increase the ammo regeneration by 1.5x(example) and totally stop the dragon from moving AND from gaining rage. The dragon is still able to be hit by defensive towers but the defensive towers only shoot at 1/2 the notmal speed. AND since it is not moving, it can only reach so far into the island which stops the spell from turning the dragon into a living machine gun and still making the spell have its limitations… This plays off of the name, Light Speed, as the spell could have some visual effect that tied in the idea of stopping time like a slock or blue/grey tint over the screen, or even a clock like hauheset’s but toned down a bit.

The idea for these spells is to work together in the mythic dragon to make it worthwhile. Light Speed, with these modifications, would then stop the dragon and increase the ammo regeneration which is pairable with Consume which would eat/use the ammo to regenerate health and then continue on. The limitation to this pairing of spells is that when using lightspeed you don’t gain rage because you aren’t moving at all. This is what would make sure you couldn’t have a spell that would theoretically give more rage than what it’s worth as well as a heal(Consume). Flash, with the modifications i came up with, would be unpairable due to the fact that the spell would end once you touched another spell. BUT before using Flash it would be smart to use Consume as it has a timer(i think) and this would allow you to wait out that time and dodge incoming attacks utill you could heal.

I think this might be long and I’m sorry for that. I was on the bus and bored out of my mind. I hope this could be used as i really think it would make the dragons better!!! Thanks flr the read!:smiley:


I liked coming up with new uses for those couple spells i want to make another comment over the warriors.

This has been commonly stated enough that i have bandwagoned onto the idea:
Two head = Two Flames
AmIRight or AmIRight! The Mythics are supposed to be SPECIAL! What happened to the mythics in Sapphire? I feel like the individuals who made the spells for Sapphire dragons drank some serious coffee… and i need to know where to get it ASAP!!! The spells were unique-ish to each mythic and/or had the spells of the legendary dragons before it. This company has an amazing development team and i know they are able to make these spells combine in Mythic dragons to make them extraordinary! Sadly they have lacked in spells while thinking the flames(stormheim), rain(nier) flower petals/pollen(basically all the emerald dragons), and crystals(basically all of obisdian, garnet mythics, and every other dragon throughout the tiers) would prove to be a stronger motivation to breed them than actually effective spellsets. It’s obvious that player that are past platinum in their breeding are hardcore players of this game and do not mess around with their digital dragons, so make sure they are getting dragons that are ALL fun and usefull to fly! We understand when a spell on a dragon isn’t as good as it once was on higher level towers, but when that dragon and its spells can’t even fly through a base of maxed towers (that are meant for it’s tier) the players are angry.

Going back to Girasol, the two headed wonder of the world, his whole metaphorical image needs a revamp. Two heads on a warrior should have two possible flames! Think of the fire and double explosions!!! We can hit multiple targets with sorcerors and hunters but warriors are stuck with licking away at each tower. Since girasol has two head he could have a passive ability like the following:


  • Exclusive to warriors. This passive ability allows two streams of fire to come from your warrior dragon, and when only using one flame the attack is increased!

These flames each have a normal attack damage (idk the specifics but i could do the calculations on what would be fair) BUT when you only use one stream of fire the damage is increased by 50%. Using the thought that both heads making one big flame instead of two normal sized ones. THIS would be a mythic to be remembered. Yes, his appearance is cool but i came to destroy bases with cooler and cooler dragons, and all he is right now is a centerpiece for a table.

Furthering onto his spells, i have to say: “You dun-goofed PG!” -followed with a facepalm :man_facepalming:t3: Ugh! His spells consist of Starburn(passive), Isolation, a dark flak resist, and that one poison spell that no one likes… Ok, so he is a dragon made of crystals. Awesome. Starburn is an awesome passive ability and goes amazing with the idea of his double flame! Isolation… Isolation needs something to make it better. Its use is to “Weaken the targeted tower and greatly weakens nearby towers.” which isn’t too bad, but on a Mythic dragon? Come on!

“Isolation” (noun) - the process or fact of isolating or being isolated.

This spell should do what it’s named for: isolate the tower that is targeted. When the spell is cast all the towers that are on the same island are dealt damage EXCEPT the tower targeted! Now THAT’s a twist!!! This could do damage according to how many towers there are. So if you were to use it on a fully stocked long island of 10(to as few as 8) towers then 9 (or 7) towers would be dealt 1/4 of their health in damage and the targeted tower would be unscathed. If you were to use it on an island wih only 7-4 towers they would be dealt 1/3 of their health in damage while the targeted tower is totally fine. Best of all, if the spell is cast onto an island with only 3 towers present, the targeted tower would be untouched while the other two towers would die immediately! How cool is that! I really like this idea, but my damage ideas are definitely supject to change. The damge to the towers of island with 10-8 towers could be a certain rate instead of a percentage of health since u would only to 20% damage to a level 1 tower with the idea above. I won’t be hashing out the specifics but my idea is that with more towers around the targeted tower the less damage is done to all of the surrounding towers. But the less tower their are around the targeted tower the more damage the spell would do, and it would go to the extreme of KOing the towers around the targeted one if their is a certain (low) number of them (i like the idea of 3 towers with 2 KOed).

Ok, moving to his next spell: Malefic Breath. First of all, this dragon is made of Crystal and you make him puff out poison?! When you envision crystals you see sharp colorful structures that go in irregular directions and have strange properties. I have not seen a single crystal give off poisonous green smoke… This spell needs a revamp but I won’t put that here. This spell needs to be replaced. Perhaps a counter for being replaced would to make it the flames from Girasol’s two streams the same as the crystal fire from Hedran! This follows the crystaline theme of Girasol and could be followed by the spell Malefic Breath but renamed and visually changed to better suit Girasol. This spell should be called something like Inshard(Enshard?), Fractiate, Crystalize, or Splinter Breath. Hear me out… This spell si meant to do gradual damage to the towers hit by the dragon’s flame. Keeping this idea but changing it to match the theme of crystals you could make crystals grown around the towers, or even use the crystals that are from Icicles passisve ability. The towers can still shoot, but they take damage for moving as they hit themselves on the sharp crytals around them. This spell would last just as long as Malefic Breath and would have all the same stats, all that has been done is a visual tie-in to Girasol Mythic look!

Finally, we have his resist. Dark Flak resist is okay but could be replaced. I’m not too worried about it honestly as it would allow very little damage from these towers and since they are always at the front of islands it would tie in very well with my modifications with isolate. Since isolate does not kill the targeted tower you would want to aim for a dark flak (which are always at the front due to their limited range). This kills off other towers and leaves the tower you have a resist for!!!

This new spell set for Girasol would make him SO fun to use. Just like Hauheset, and Apophet, and A&A(so I’ve heard bcs i dont have him yet) this mythic would be unique and be difficult to master. His spells would be situationally useful and make him an all around solid dragon! Again, sorry for the long post but I felt strongly enough to say this about a dragon I won’t be hatching for years to come! Thanks for the read:grin:

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