Mage auto firing

I have seen several times that every time a particular base is attacked mage towers fire draining rage. Yet other bases it is very hit and miss.

My question is what rune or glyph do these few bases have that causes mage towers to fire ever single time?

The attacker was probably just flying slowly and draining the auto-defender of supershots.

I feel like those was answered not that long ago.
Mages will SS at different times on different islands. Sometimes you may notice mages firing quite quickly on 7/8

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There are certain spots, particularly the back of island 7 that when undefended a mage will always ss. The back right corner of 8 also you can always depend on it ss, and the back left corner of 4


When I fly against undefended bases, most of them have mages on 7 and 8, I don‘t kill them on purpose until the last second so they waste supershots. With a single mage you can bait 3-5 supershots depending on its position. Very useful tech to avoid random supershots when you arrive on the actual kill island ^^

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I have many times seen makes fire everytime on the same base on island 4 from castle. I had heard that mage speedup runes were the cause but I don’t know and haven’t seen those runes in a while