Mage shot after update



After the new update 3.70 if I’m not wrong, the mythic shot of mage tower is too small, sometimes I can’t see it coming , I would love if PG team make it like before.


Agree, its much harder to see if one is coming. Wish it had stayed like before.


Across the board, dragon breath attack has gotten smaller too, wonder if the two are related.


It seems likely. Really wish they’d change it back. I totally agree with the others that it’s definately harder to see the mage supershots coming at you now. Even on an 10.5” iPad pro screen. I’d hate to see what it’s like for those who are trying to play on cell phones.


It’s absolutely rediculous sometimes as it can throw me off my rhythm. Before the update I could see it coming and cloak, after the update I just get frozen and killed. It sucks honestly.


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