Magedrain or not?

Hey I would like to hear opinions on having a magedrain island or not.

I’m currently level 220 with a short base and I’m not using a drain island as we speak. What is your experiences using drain islands/ attacking bases with drain islands.

Do you recommend building one?


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Do i simply fill my middle Long Island with level 1 mages or what is considered the best?

basically, yes

there are some variations/tweaks to this out there

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I for one love mechs setup. It screams symmetric too.

From what I’ve seen, rage drain islands don’t work. Too many dragons have AOE spells that just take the whole island out. So unless all the mage towers are maxed out, it’s just something that slows attackers down for a second.

I think it’s generally a good idea.

Worst-case scenario, you delay your enemy another second, which isn’t a huge benefit, but isn’t a bad thing.

Best-case scenario, your enemy is entirely rage-drained by the time they get to your kill island, and are easy prey.

They often fail to rage-drain your enemy, but they can easily force most dragons to spend a little rage (or start a spell cooldown), and if your timing is good - or theirs is bad - you can put some serious hurt on your opponent.

So basically…it won’t always help much, but for the cost of a couple level 1 mages, it’s well worth it. In my opinion anyway.


Yeah but they are cheap cheap. Just drop your mages, maybe pull out an old ice turret or storm to go with one island.

Sometimes the very basic “AI” will drain a poorly chosen lead dragon while you are away.
Sometimes when self defending you can get a drain SS off, on a long setup for Atlas.

NOT foolproof but the return on investment is totally worth it when it works.
What Aeana said. See above. :slight_smile:

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I experimented without having a mage drain for a bit because I wasn’t sure that they were useful. The big thing I found was that without the rage drain, defenders weren’t always able to load into the game fast enough to defend. There were a couple of replays where the base was defended, and when I watched it, the defender just never had a chance to put down any supershots.

Honestly given that a rage drain is a super low cost investment, I would go for it. Worst case is it doesn’t do anything, but most likely it will help make sure defenders are able to load in on time to actually setup and defend your kill before the dragon hits it.

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I just have a totem out for that :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I have found that ‘unsophisticated’ defenders will waste ALL their supershots on the rage drain mages, then a decent attacker will just leave the perch and build some rage back up - especially with dragons that can use adaptive resist to build some rage back up…

So I have 3 mages on my rage drain island, so at most a defender will only use 3 of their supershots on it, saving at least 2 for my ‘kill’ island - it’s been very effective when defended (most of the time). And as others have stated - it’s cheap and has no tangible cost or downside.

I never understood why people put a totem out front. I mean, they are not really worth building before endgame, but if you have one anyway why not use it? Every bit of damage reduction can help, and unless you have a microbase there’s plenty of space in the back to put it.


And they are a great rage anchor in a war, for the attacker

Totem out front doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I mean for one destroying the totem will remove the damage reduction, so its effectively a dead tower, but the second problem is that a smart player can risk free leave it standing, so that if things go bad, the follower/his second dragon has time to build rage.

I mean the reason why you build a rage drain instead of random low level towers is that the threat of losing rage before the kill forces the attacking dragon to destroy it instead of leaving it standing as a rage anchor.

Additionally totems should have plenty of space to fit on the back of your base. Even on a microbase placing one on the farm island adds value to your base by giving damage reduction to about 20% of the dragons in the game.

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For me, the reasoning for having a rage drain island is also linked to the necessity to lengthen your base as much as possible to survive in atlas and to prevent others from having a short punching ball in pvp. The downside of length is that dragons arrive with full rage on your kill island. Unless you drained it before…

in defense of my totem

I get why you have something there, but why not actually use the totem and slap a lvl 1 ballista there instead, or anything else you happen to have lying in storage?

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because my flak is very needy. don’t have any extra embers lying around

:man_facepalming: you already built the damn totem. Why not use it? Is this really such a complicated concept?

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Because 90% of people have low level totems from pre-Flaks. The totems really aren’t worth putting anywhere in the base over having an actual tower there

Edit: for example, I have a level 20 totem back from that time. If I was to put it anywhere on my base at all, I’d have to remove a minimum level 65 tower to do so