Mages for egg token missions

I’m curious as to why there aren’t any egg token missions for mages :thinking: Is this something that can be implemented? I mean pretty much everyone has 1 is that the reason it is not?

No no no no please no

We don’t need more missions

What we need is the ability to store our farms if anything :slight_smile:


We need to be able to hire mechcats to run our missions for us.

Also, you’d end up with crazy destroy (some crazy number) of mages missions.


1 catnips required per mission :upside_down_face:


I’ll give you 1,000 catnip if you can get your Mechcats to help me on my game progress😂


I only thought of this because I did a run for a lumber mission and the base was made up of basically mages. That was when I thought to myself, “I’ve gotten an egg token mission for everything on my base except for mages and farms.” lol

Nothing that a mission base couldn’t handle :wink:

I put a bowl of catnip by my phone while the game was open… no mechcats came to help me :sob: /s


It takes some time, they’re riding their dragons to your house so wait a bit :wink:

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I think @mechengg posted once that mages determine the number of x towers you need to destroy per mission… I’ll go find the post since it’s in one of my threads IIRC. Nope, I think I just dreamed it or something :joy: Sorry. :t_rex:

:thinking: Would think it’s the number of actual towers? e.g. more from the third mission for having two lightnings vs one dark flak

If you have more active towers on your base, then your “destroy X towers on a rival base” will increase. It’s based on the total amount of towers you have on your base

@forScience Whoops, yeah, I must’ve hallucinated or somethin. That makes more sense. Ignore me :see_no_evil: :t_rex:

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Just in case mech wasn’t clear enough…


I don’t know…would be a pretty easy one to complete with rage drain islands everywhere so I don’t see the issue with it :woman_shrugging:

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Most people have 5 of each mage type on their bases.

Assuming they don’t store them when they do missions (most people don’t), then expect to get destroy 30/40/50 mage tower missions. For context, with 1 tower of that type on the base, the destroy tower mission goes up to about 3 max. With 2, they go up to about 10. With 5, I’ve never tried this, but expect a huge number.

So, again, NO.

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Ah ok, didn’t know it calculated like that

I did the 20 hour mission and got 5 fire flaks and I only have 1 on my base. So yeah I guess, for me, where I have 3 red mages I would have to destroy 15 red mages. That does seem like a lot

Plus if you are using ember to farm egg tokens, death gaze won’t help against red mages, and if they are leveled up, a supershot will actually kill you :sweat_smile:


Isn’t that the worse when a mage kills your dragon? It’s so embarrassing makes you want to run back to your den and hide :see_no_evil:


It is pretty embarrassing :laughing: I feel sorry for ember whenever it happens. The other dragons must tease him relentlessly :joy:

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