Magical Number Disappearance? (Total chest counts missing)

Where are the chest numbers? 175671714_275043377587729_5538306797813591399_n


Odd that it’s not showing up in the usual place but if you look at the little red notification at the top right, you can see them. It’s a workaround for now until we hear from PG if it’s an intentional change or not.

no i have over 2k lol you can see in your inventory but many like to watch the numbers to make sure it dont bug out!

I get that for sure. If you’re opening something with less than 999, the little red area will deduct as you go so you can watch. It’s not ideal, but it works for now. If you’re opening something with 1K+, I guess the best thing for now if you want to watch is to check your inventory. Again, not ideal which is why I won’t be opening anything right now :disappointed:

You can see in your inventory if you really need or want to know.


agreed it is a pointless change. was better when it showed the actual count.

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Pointless change. Why?!

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why remove the actual total from that screen? what was gained by doing that? thus pointless. I like the notice about when the next free chest is coming, but why remove the count?

Edit: I’m talking about the line at the bottom below the open button that said “You have : 5030”.


This is really annoying :scream::cry:

i do and many like to watch it count down so you know it wont bug out or take to many

@PGGalileo Can you ask the team why they have changed this? It seems to be a pointless change and I for one, and it seems others, like to see the actual amount of chests I have currently, rather than having to look in a completely different location to get the real figure.


because opening chests can be bugged and take more then what you open it really needs to be there instead of inventory switch open switch open switch

Cause it’s PG and we all know what that means

Maybe they attempted to create an “Open All” option but this is just the first part of the code…maybe???

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Buttons should be placed like this if they’re really adding open 100 or so:
total: [ total ] [ Open 1 ]
[ Open 10 ] [ Open 100 ]

total: [ total ]
open: [ 1 ] [ 10 ] [ 100 ]

but NOT vertical stack, unless they reduce size of chest image.

At first I liked the cooldown for the free chests, much more visible, but then I noticed that bronzes and probably other types of chests lost their total count of chests too.

This is very annoying and should be tweaked or reverted. The more visible countdowns is not worth the practicalities of seeing how many chests we have when it is over three figures. If you must keep this new features please make it so the notification dot of each type of chests can stretch to show four or five figures - I’m think pretty sure not even the biggest paying players has ever reached 99,999 bronzes chests but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’m certain people broke through the tens of thousands though, if a puny little player like me is regularly getting 5-8k bronzes each season without too much hassle. Five figures shown there should be enough.

I’ll tweak the title of the thread to make the contents clearer.

PS: that’s my chests. No touchy.




Thats actually my goal lol. Just to say i did.

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i think the broze in the red area should have the total not just 999+ it would make for a easy watch

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According to support they’re aware of the issue and looking into it so I don’t think it’s a change, but rather a glitch.