Mail level up achievements

I am recommending that the building types and buildings unlocked to level up when you level your account be mailed to you. That way you can keep track and plan your base better for growth and events.

I’m also recommending a way for players to see how many black pearls and shards they have without bothering support.

Go to build a new perch or a new flak and you can see how many you have for the appropriate currency.


It’s ridiculous that I have to wait until building is ready to be leveled by that resource to be able to check it. That info should be readily available at any time.

I’m not saying level what you have. I’m saying go to an unbuilt perch or an empty tower spot and click as if you’re building a new one. It’ll look like:


How about showing the xp you will earn from leveling a building. Would be nice to know if I’ll hit the next level or not, which in turn helps plan better.

105K once it is past level 50. There are web sites for this too.

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I’m too lazy to search the interwebs for something that should be right there next to where it says how much time it will take.

It’s always 106k unless you are low level…

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How will just seeing one level help you plan? You’d need to see the levels after as well to make any kind of plan. And there are quite a number of websites and tools for that if you actually want to make a plan.

It lets me know if i can hit the next level or not, which could be the difference in leveling my den, which in turn means my dragons. Kind of the same reason its helpful to know how long the building takes to level (you don’t need that explained too?). Pretty simple logic actually.

This tells me exactly what to level, how many timers, and my final level. Very nifty tool mech built and Kate keeps updated.

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And my point is that seeing 1 build ahead is just as useless as seeing 0 builds ahead. What kind of “planning” is it to know if you’re going to make the next level one tower sooner? At that point it’s already way too late to change anything about your event score or overall progression.

You can plan your fort events, or you can decide not to bother and just see what building gets you, but I don’t really see a use for a system where you just build blindly and then suddenly for the last level want to “plan”.

Yep, grateful for all Mech did. But wouldn’t it be better if it was right there in the game, where it could/should be?

It would depend. If I was low on timers, but I wanted to hit the next level or two, I could review where I was, what I needed, what I had, and could calculate my best bang for my buck. Pretty simple. Planning is a good thing, and very helpful.

Imagine if you spent as much time looking for the tool instead of whinging about it. You’d have planned out your next 5 forts by now.


No, it would not be better in game. The game is already so big it takes too much space in your device. It’s super easy to use a tool outside of the game and plan accordingly.


I’d rather spend my time in the game, vice having to exit every time I needed something. Hence the reason they could just add it within the game. Pretty simple, but then again it is PG.

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