Mail messages maxing out?

So I do a lot of recruiting for my team and I noticed that when I send out lots of invites that I reach a max. I get told that I’ve sent too many mails and to try again later.

First of all, why does there have to be a max?
Second of all, how long does the time frame of not being able to send any mail messages last?

If anyone can answer these questions, that would be absolutely lovely. Thanks!

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I have previously put a ticket in requesting that the max emails limit be lifted for at least leaders, if not leaders and officers.
Too many times I’ve had teammates email about availablility, prospects email, then event, atlas, alliance and other emails happen and boom there goes my ability to view the prospects or availability emails. Screenshotting everything sucks. I regulalry clean out my email list, but I can no longer get back those past the 3 page makr even if I delete the rest.
I feel your pain and this it was shallow of Skippysaurus to suggest your team is bad because you have this issue. If you are a good team you will communicate a lot.
Hope that PG reviews this and agrees to make Leaders / officers lives better.


Not a bad team. I enjoy sending out personal invites. Just because you hit a max doesn’t mean your team is bad, it can mean you’re trying to improve by gaining new members. If anything I’m just putting in a lot of effort, that does not mean my team is bad.

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That is a problem as well. I believe they keep it to three pages just to lessen the amount of space they use on each device. However I am talking about sending emails.

When sending many emails within a day long period or something, you can sometimes encounter a message like this which is frustrating because then you cannot answer your regular emails either.

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First of all that’s really rude. I have maxed out my limit multiple teams and it’s not due to having a bad team. I used to recruit higher levels, and normally they have pretty solid roots down, meaning it’s hard to get them. I have sent out 100s of invite to fill 2 or 3 spots in the past.
Just because you max out doesn’t mean you have a bad team.

Nice job for putting in lots of efforts. Recruiting takes time I applaud you for that. You should become unblocked in about 2 Days. It stinks but for now if you wish to communicate with someone you have to open a private chat. Not the end of the world, I have actually recruited a few through private chats. I wish you the best of luck in you recruiting!

I’m sorry if I misunderstood,but if your happy with your team why would you be sending out invites?
Why not help your fellow team mates grow with your experience.
If you have a sound foundations and advice there is no need to look elsewhere.
Just saying.

That’s not always the case. Most members I’m pleased with but sometimes you get members who randomly quit the game or miss several wars. You can’t have that constantly if you want to rise in ranks so you have to kick and replace. There are also cases where teams try to get rid of alts that held a spot when someone decided to leave. You never know the case, so you shouldn’t assume and be rude about it.

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I am happy with my team. I just want my team to grow. For wars it’s best if you have 50/50. In higher leagues if you don’t have 50/50 you will be declared on, and you will lose. I like to have a full roster.
I do want to have my fellow teammates grow, but they need to grow with others, to see have they are doing. The more I reach the better, I want them to learn the game, which don’t get me wrong other teams do the same thing but some teams don’t.

We have a member on our team who leads a lower league team and is constantly maxing out her messages she sends.
There is nothing wrong with it, some teams and leagues need it more than others i’m guessing

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Personally, I think recruitment invites should not be counted towards the max amount because the purpose of this limit is to prevent spam mail. Recruitment is in a different category.


That’s exactly what I’m getting at. It’s ridiculous that it maxes out like that so easily when you’re doing recruiting.

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Is it really a max limit to messages or that you are sending out messages too quickly?

May be a way for the game to prevent “spamming”.

Can you send messages again after waiting a while?

Typically after a day or two. Pretty sure it is a max and not a spamming prevention.

It’s a max—I’ve hit it once and it took three days for me to mail again. Sucked :neutral_face: :t_rex:

So anyone happen to know if there’s anything that can be done about this maxing out on sending messages? Or even who to potentially contact about this?

Unfortunately no, but a good rule of thumb is once your sent inbox is overidden with all your recruitment stuff take a break for a few hours (that would 100 emails sent). It would be nice if the game told you “You have 5 emails left before you reach your max”, but it doesn’t.
You could contact support but they would just tell you to wait it out and by the time they probably respond you will be back in business.
As the hours go on you will notice hey, I can email again but that’s not quite right the system will let you send 5 or so emails and then you will be blocked again for the time being.

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I’ve messaged support before and they kinda told me it is how it is and that there’s nothing they can do about it. Kinda wish that could be changed for the people who reach max often just by doing invites.

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