Mail option in atlas and notice board in game/atlas

This category is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP events, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.
Hi many times we get mail from team leadership regarding atlas targetsbetc but we cant open mail in atlas and then need to move back to main game to read mail and read coods and then vome back to atlas its an awkward so an mail option should be available in atlas
And one another thing notice board should be available in game where leadership can post plan regarding events / quests/atlas plans etch…
And while typing this post i cant see my text bcs i cant scrol page to face my text box just title box and tag box are fromt of me so it also should be improved


Funny I’ve been debating wether to make a thread about this topic for a while

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Any regular browser compatible with portrait layout should be fine

Hi i always use ingame interface for visting/writing on forum and face problem while writing a new post

Most likely this is the problem. As this uses Discourse, I don’t think it’s compatible with landscape layout on phone, thus using regular browser is highly prefered.

Latest iOS phone has this issue
Has been this way forever for me accessing forum on any phone
Would be great if they would allow turning phone portrait and the forums follow but it doesnt


Just remember your registered email id and password,
Type and then login with your registered email id and password, and et voila!

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All I want is for them to halt anything new, events, UI, etc etc. Untill all the old problems have been looked into. There are far too many bugs still and issues with old content.
Atlas is still laggy and unplayable at time if youre team attacks on a mass scale, despite the hotfix.

Everytime they introduce anything new I cringe, as after the last 6 or 7 weeks of problems, I have lost faith. Just waiting for the inevitable bugs and problems.

I jusy think they need to slow down and address everything before releasing it. This includes dragons, they smash them out without proper testing and then nerf or buff afterwards. It shouldn’t be this way.
I mean I’m not a coder, my 8 year old tells me how to use my phone half the time. And I can see what @PGGalileo was saying on another post about it being hard to test new dragons. But surely it wouldn’t be that hard to create a testing platform outside of the game somehow? As in, replicate 2 bases from each tier, medium and well built. Then fly undefended, then defended on each tier? Just to see how they do before releasing.

The bases would only need to be replicated once, with just updating end game as new tower levels are introduced.
It might be a bit of work at the beginning but surely that tine invested would save much more time than having to check afterwards and then buff or nerf and then deal with the backlash from players like this season and inevitably next season and the one after and so on and so forth.

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I have one another suggestion that we should an option to disable riders , as my persoanl experiance i have alot of rider (5 inbuilt/atlas/main game ) but i am or we all are using few and others are just consuming screen and we have tonscroll up anndown to work with them so as ae have option to remove dragons from roster we also should be option to remove rider from rider roster @PGGalileo

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