Mailing system/ team invite message

I’ve noticed that if you get an invite to a team, the normal reply button that we have to reply to regular pm changes to accept. I normally reply to invites to tell the person something along the lines of, “thanks for the invite but I’m happy with my team.” I normally catch the reply/accept swap but today I didn’t. I went to reply to an invite, and clicked accepted. And boom, I was no longer in the team I called home since it was made but now in a different team all because of a swap and lack of a button to make sure I wanted to leave my current team. I rejoined my “home” but we had a war starting in the next half hour that I can’t take part of because of the games mailing system.

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The simple solution is to simply not look at the mail. If you are truly happy with where you are, there really is no need to even look at the mail.

That being said, I completely agree that something should be done about this to make it harder to leave the team. It’s truly annoying to accidentally leave your team. At the very least, there should be a confirmation button. This takes literally 2-3 extra lines of code and would be a huge quality of life improvement.

I normally reply back to if the team if higher then my own. I dont want to ignore them and have the other team attack my own down the road.

The messages that have an ‘accept invite’ button are automated, the team likely doesn’t even know they sent it to you. It takes a couple buttons and 500 wood to send three automated invites to random players, so there’s very little effort taken by the member that invites you.

If you want to be courteous I’d recommend just responding to the personalized messages.

Might just be me, but I think you’re being a little too polite :sweat_smile:

Any team who does that is just immature.

Update: and yes what BGage said. 99.9% of the time, invites are simply random, and mostly from teams just spamming people to try and recruit as many people as possible. There’s really no need to ever reply to an invite unless you’re genuinely interested in joining.

I know about wood invites. I’m the leader of a team.

Yes some teams might be immature and do that, but there are a lot of people out there that take this game seriously.

I’m never interested in joining the other team, yes it might be very polite of me to tell them thanks but no thanks but thats just how I was raised. I reply to them because I know the feeling of maybe sending out like a personal email asking if someone wants to join and never hearing from them.

But aren’t personal mail and automated invites drastically different? If a team sends me a personalized mail, I’d be quick to respond whether I want to join or not. But an automated invite that was likely sent out by someone half asleep, spamming that button? Not so much.

Either way, that’s just me, but I respect that you take that time to go the extra step. Kudos to you! On that note, this discussion isn’t going anywhere so let’s just cut it off here :joy:

But yes, the original suggestion is something that needs to be implemented, with speed preferably. (Development will take 10 minutes at most)

Have a nice one! :slight_smile:

it’d be reallllly nice if you could set your account to ignore the auto invites. It’s a pain having to clean them out constantly. I know this has been asked for numerous times so i’m not holding my breath.

You’re right, it’s a bummer.
I am the leader of my team and that has happened to me 3 times for trying to answer lol
I also know it’s my fault for not looking well, but sometimes we do things automatically.

There could be a confirmation message at least, would be fine for clumsy people like me :crazy_face: