Main events loop chart

I made a small chart to help new players remember the main events loop and what to do when. Wiki embed code:

<img width="560" height="560" src="" frameborder="0" />


Gold chests in fort also make sense if you need elemental embers.

And bronze chests in breeding make sense if you need sigils.

Could also add “build new troops during the week” to breed/fort (because atlas hunt for glory event will be on). Likewise “level gear / level riders” could be added to pvp weeks.

edit. Also kinda bothers me the icon is always on the outside except for one pvp… :grin:


Yeah there are all sorts of exceptions and possible additions, I just hope this gives people the general idea.

If anyone wants to fork customized versions, I don’t mind.

Atlas events and troops management possibly deserve a separate chart. Also would be nice to have a large scope one for season planning.

Yes, mildly annoying :slight_smile: I outsourced the design on Fiverr based on my sketch, and cannot justify bothering the designer again.

Great workout!

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