Maintenance Bubbles

Hi PG, can you fix your sys -job that turns bubbles on for unplanned maintenance to do a forced on or to include the routine to disable pvp battles. Not every team has complete 24hr coverage and officers online to turn shields on for those that are already off.

Just a suggestion as I am sure others love waking up to replenishing castle guards and prims.

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Leaving shields disabled with no one watching them is stupid. Takes less than 5 minutes to wipe 2m guards.


Absolutely. If shields are going off for any reason there should be someone around/available in the event something happens. Otherwise you are just inviting trouble… and a big unnecessary headache for your allies who are trying to help you.

Yes I know and agree. However for castles a few deep once shields go up access is direct, no hops or delays. It took some time for a response (log in, open atlas) and shields to be activated. That is called Real Life.

Point is, planned maintenance you can ensure shields are up.
Unplanned is a “surprise” and can and does catch teams unaware.

It is a simple process change on PG behalf which i do not believe is a burden.

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