Maintenance for the Main Game

I know Atlas Maintenance exists, but why not maintenance to the main game. In the other games I play besides WD there’s always a day of maintenance maybe two days inbetween where the servers are shut down. So everything can just take a rest, from running for 5+ years we’ve seen the results of such an outcome. So would it really be that incredibly difficult to take a day or so off and remake the servers and fix a few the issues?

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Now while a excellent idea I’m not holding my breath because that would interrupt the repetitive heavily monetized short term event cycle that makes this game a resource management game……

And the data that determines every decision pg makes will not show a profit from doing so……


I figured.

atlas pvp, glory event, gear upgrading , troops training will be impacted,if maintenance happened after main games event, same with atlas event’s end will impact main event .to do maintenance they will have to reschedule the whole season’s event time, i doubt server maintenance in main game will be possible .

Or they could make a real map and actually incorporate the two completely disjointed aspects of this game and remove the antiquated event cycle and rework the cookie cutter atlas events with atlas having a long term viable singular offensive goal……

We might actually start retaining players again!
This used to be a tactical game lmao

Maintenance is a sound concept unfortunately the broken disjointed map interfaces with the core game and since the two have never been properly combined into a functional game we can’t have nice things……
But it does seem to make a profit at the expense of what used to be called fun!


yaah i hate the current event system, fort and breeding should be score progress of whole sesson not team but one players, and pvp should be constant pvp no rest hahaha

Lol if we had a functional map based on offense you would not need a never ending pvp it would supply the engagement you seek!
And like feeding yes breeding and fort should not be a event…. :scream: yes I said it lol

Let’s not even discuss the pathetic cookie cutter map events!
They are a joke :man_shrugging: No dynamics leads to zero tactical play and flat one dimensional event concepts with no singular offensive objectives!

And so yeah it’s pointless and only there to make that defense map seem like it has a reason to exist!

Just about the same with the antiquated core event cycle that players are completely dependent upon maximizing and saving any all resources that cycle produces in this resource management game!

It’s Pathetic! :man_shrugging:
Yes because a war game should support actual activity not a monetized event cycle that is short term and repetitive!
It should supply a single player wide goal that each individual player is seeking and that same goal needs to be able supply every team the same offensive based goal.
Do that and we might actually see conflict and if we’re smart we will make that conflict positional in nature so it won’t support mega alliances!
But that would require and solid understanding of the mechanics that support a true tactical game!

Is it that incredibly hard to a workable conjoined map, which fills out all the purposes the games seeks?

i would love to have that map u two are talking, beside the event tab takes times to load every attack and eats lots of mobile data force me to use wifi ive sent ticket they said use wifi lmao.

Not really :man_shrugging:

Oh yeah we beta tested one like the one I’m describing but they were using this stupid point to point movement system that lagged everything down and was removed eventually because it was not viable!
They refused to make a map with all players on the map utilizing positional based movement and attacking!
I’m not suggesting starting from the ground up we already have the basic code for that map! Lol
I’m yelling for a new player base wide beta with all leagues present and if we can’t make it work we return to this defensive team eliminating map we are currently using but I don’t think we will want to…….

Oh you mean the lag we told them would become a problem during beta and how this defense map will need to be expanded to try and curb stagnation……
And expansion of the map and over complexity of attacking and defense mechanics creates lag!
How are we doing?
We wouldn’t need as much maintenance if the map had been offensive as I’m describing but it would be possible if we did.
Well that is if the map had ever actually supported the whole player base which it didn’t when released and still doesn’t now……
If it can’t support the player base now how is this game going to grow and continue to curb lag ?

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Going at the rate we’re going at, how much longer until the servers stop working all together?

That’s a incredibly hard to answer question lol
I’m not going to hazard a guess as I have no idea what servers they use or how all that even really works that’s a very complex topic and I’m not sure that question can be truly be answered lol
Even if I knew all about servers and the tech I’m not sure we could nail that down lol
Some players here may be able to chime in and shed some light on what’s being used and what could be done to improve it but that’s not me :rofl:
Zami here in the forums and few others like leeroy Jenkins have shown great knowledge in that area maybe they could hazard a guess :man_shrugging:?
But i fear lag is not our most imminent threat either…………