Maintenance of Festive Dragons

Hi Dragon Lords!

We wanted to make you aware of a change coming to the way we maintain festive dragons. Up until recently, Festive Dragons were a fairly new addition and we increased every Festive Dragon’s max tier in line with the most recent lineage tier that had been released. As we continue adding festive dragons every season, however, it becomes more difficult to maintain all of the Festive Dragons this way.

Going forward, we plan to cap the max tier of new Festive Dragons at one beyond the tier they are launched in. For example, when our Wave 3/Festive Dragon is released next season in Artisan tier (tier 19), that dragon’s max tier will be next tier (tier 20).

If there are any questions feel free to let us know. Thanks!


Is the Draconic chests method getting done away with? Cause if you don’t want us getting frags anymore how about keeping all the other resources and allowing us to use sigils on the festives for those awesome chests.


Then this makes the whole shard system completely pointless. The whole reason it was introduced was so that these dragons could keep evolving and “stay relevant” but now they wont even do that.
Having all these different dragon shards in the chests seems like it’s more of an issue than adding a few extra levels every 6 months. We’ve been asking since last year for festives to use generic festive shards rather than unique shards

Also what is going to be done about the number of shards needed per tier? We’re getting pretty close to the point that in a few tiers if each new tier costs 125 extra shards then we wont even get enough of the new festive’s shards from 600 draconic chests to max it. It takes what, like 500-550 drac chests now to get the 700 shards needed to go from obsidian to Artisan?


make the shards generic?


So what’s going to happen here…they add those ascension coins forcing players more burden of play, they dilute the prize lines in events by stretching them out, now they’re adding a solid expiration date to festives that also will force unwanted and irrelevant shards in draconic chest drops…what positive thing will we be getting because I am not seeing it.


I understand the reasoning here and agree that something must be done to decrease the impact of festive shard dilution with successive releases; and issue very well pointed out by many players when the first Festive of the new type was released. This change goes against how the core promise of Festives was presented though and I think that needs to be acknowledged in some meaningful way.

From here:

“ If at some point in the future, an additional tier is added to Hueso, then you will be able to collect more shards at that point to hit the new maximum tier.”

Reading it now with hindsight though I must acknowledge the crafty wording that was used 🤦


Why? The whole point of this new festive dragons with the shards is to keep leveling them up so that they stay relevant, when new festive dragons come out and we max them we are still going to get more shards that we cannot use to evolve the festive because it’s now capped. Just go back to evolution stones if it’s going to stay like this


This seems 100% not good and 100% the opposite of the spirit of the festive dragons. We now have 1.5 full lines of crap to look forward to each season in order to get keys/ascension tokens. Festive and resurrection.

It seems that PG is doing everything they can to lighten their workload and monetizing more and more useless things and developing less and less.

Cases in point:

Lineage dragon reduction per tier
No Atlas rider
Only 1 new rider this season
Resurrection dragons as a must have to complete ascension tokens
Festive shennanigans/backtracking.
No Halloween freebies…and on and on and on.


Tbh who actually cared about the festives to begin with? after you all saw dracs we all went into a resource frenzy

I was always a festive enthusiast who always looked forward to what it would be. Then…somebody over at PG decided to throw shards/draconic requirements onto them. That ruined it for me


This is crazy…they are also always a tier behind. Neb is still Arcanum, couldn’t get him to Artisan. Ridiculous.

I have been in Artisan since it came out.


Actually liked that festive tbh also I think the shards are different for everyone cause idk how but I’ve been able to catch up on shards as soon as next season is right around the corner.

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What will happen with the festives we currently have? Will they be capped asap? Will they continue to evolve?


See this is breaking the original promise that the festive would always go to the latest tier.

Yes it gets unmanageable about how many shard-dependent festives there are but rather than break the old ones, just change new festives to not be shard-dependent.

Been waiting for this to be addressed for awhile, as this was always a predictable problem


That’s why they say things are always “subject to change”.


Don’t recall seeing that when they started down this path

Evvvvvvvverything PG does or says is subject to change.


Well this blows. My first season back, the only dragon I go for, the festive, and now y’all are pulling this garbage?

Just do away with the festive shards altogether and use evolve stones again and be done with it.

Also notice this isn’t being talked about at the Summit either……coincidence?


So the prior & currently released Festive dragons (Hueso, Nebulon, Azrael, Rath, Ramnaught) won’t be affected & will continue to evolve to current max tier & forward? Because the update on “capping the max tier (for Festive dragons)” are for the new ones beginning next season?

What’s gonna happen to the allocation of festive shards moving forward? If you are able to max a festive dragon to it’s max tier (as capped) will you still get a drop of that festive dragon’s shards from draconic chests? Clarify & further info. please. TIA!


Alot of players enjoy the festives especially the middle of the road semi casual players. You seem detached from the actual player base.