Maintenance of Festive Dragons

What qualifies as max for the festive dragons? Is it them being fully leveled or is it having enough shards in your inventory to fully level them?

This one. (My Hueso is at Garnet but I have enough shards to max him so don’t get any more of his shards.)


My issue is that seasonal dragons are not really needed.

If you pick up a mythic dragon each season you probably have a solid roster with plenty of diversity.

Festives and seasonal legendaries perhaps have a use case as tier fillers to cover gaps on things like assault, temple raid and team dungeons but outside of that they don’t have much use.

With the exception of Huseo I haven’t even been bothered to hatch or level any of them.

Honestly I think it would just be better to scratch the dragon in the festive line and make it something else that players can actually use.

Maybe it could be a dragon colored skin, a unique festive portrait or a base skin.

More dragons… meh.

I’m never going to use any of these festives unless it performs some sort of exceptional niche role.

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I think shards are a global drop so more shards only dilutes existing shards in the shard pool - I don’t think it impacts the drops of other items but happy for someone to correct me if I am wrong.

I haven’t used all my shards on any festive. They only seem useful for Assault at low tiers.

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Yes and no. The shards are their own sequence, but you don’t just jump to the next in the sequence if you have that dragon maxed out. You get a corresponding resource instead. If you were supposed to get a legendary drop for Hueso, but have Hueso at max shards, you will get the next legendary resource as that drop (maybe inner fire for example).

So yes, the shards are “diluted” but only to each other. So it is very possible to have 5 festive shards in the legendary sequence, only get 2 as the other 3 are at max, and never see where the other 3 are because you got resources instead. Thus it takes you just as long to max an older festive as if you didn’t have any of those maxed. You need to go through the entire sequence of 5 to get back to that older festive drop again.

As I quoted above, there are 30 legendary festive shard drops in the full sequence, so there are 5 festives that is 6 drops of each one.

So really, you will get 6 legendary drops per previous festive in a batch of 826 draconic chests. That is 240 shards total for each previous festive and 360 shards total for the current festive (Ramnaught). You need 808 to reach Artisan Ramnaught. (Also all mythic and epic shard drops are for Ramnaught so you max him before reaching the end of the sequence.) You need 683 to reach Arcanum Rath at current expert.

See the problem for getting a festive when you didn’t get the line before to any usable level? (The line is supposed to give you roughly 103 shards at the minimum.)

FYI, I have NOT looked at the chest data since Ramnaught is released. The chances may have changed since beginning of the season. It is on my to-do list to get updated before week 1 next season.


Niche role. It made starting a new account shortly after the festive Rath was released A LOT easier to deal with by the time I got to green. I could do more with that festive than I could with any of the lineage dragons on even lower end bases. Hence, being able to level it from red (tier 1) up makes a huge difference for brand new players.


Could just keep those 5 dragons though permanently in the mix so new players can always benefit from them. I just am not convinced we need to keep adding new ones. But I haven’t made an alt account for years so I don’t have a good handle on how new players go.

PG: “we want to make festive dragons viable long term! So we are scrapping Evolution eggs and introducing the entirely new shard system and draconic chests so that dragons will continue to evolve as tiers go out”

Also PG: “we didn’t expect we will be releasing festive every season and new tier every 2nd season so we decided to stop evolving festives except you still have to use shards”


On a serious note I don’t really care about festive drags… especially considering they are a tier behind? What is even a point in this “viable” dragon if end game players can’t use them ?

As long as I get my draconic chests :drooling_face: let it all burn :fire:


Capping festives now?! After 3 seasons and too many useless shards?!!

This is ridiculous how you handled things pg. instead of fixing things, just delete the problem itself. Great

This is actually the fifth season for the shard based festive dragons.

Are you also going to look at doing something with blue rider shards then?
Because i need 39 more and then that’s it. No use for them at all. I’ll have every rider available.
And if you’re not bringing out new atlas riders there is no use for them.


The line still needs to exist for new players. They should get/need access to blue shards for riders.
I understand the foncern of them being a drop in atlas chests but that isn’t that common of a drop so it should not concern most players

What about all those red ones as well!

It’s pretty common. I picked up 540 so far in atlas chests.

If you do the atlas line as well thats 2+ riders a season

I guess I don’t see alot of atlas chests personally. I just claim from the rider line. Maybe and I mean a big maybe they can reduce or remove from the chests. But I really don’t think it hurts that much to keep them in there.


I really hope they arent actually done completely with atlas riders, those are really the only ones ever worth getting and being able to reset them with diamonds is far better than seasonals needing rubies.
I dont have the Biebers but there also isn’t much point in claiming them either. Shame they didn’t add a little bit to Angel Bieber’s construction skill when he went blue


It’s not that difficult. This just seems like you can’t be bothered.

The whole festive dragon mechanism get very messy with lots of older festives, so I totally agree with:

It’s a bad decision to cap them. But they were already mostly useless since it took such a long time to add an extra tier to hueso + nebulon.

So with the festives becoming worthless and less dragons in each tier, it’s going to be even more difficult to have 10 useable dragons for Crystal Caves.


It should. But then they should change the need. For blue shards.

I just opened atlas chests and now have 376 spare blue shards of which are no use.

Only two questions are important: will the next festive one have also the draconische chests and will those chests become even more interesting by excluding all those fragments from useless drags?

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