Major fixes needed

I have noticed quite a few glitch issues encountered in game, I am an occasional spender and have my acct on a year long elite upgrade. With that being said, I am hoping someone in development pays attention to these issues and comes up with needed fixes in future upgrades.

  1. When trying to upgrade my second dragon tower, every time I pay for the level 6 to level 7 upgrade (400 black pearls) it gives me an error message saying the game needs to sync with game servers, and the upgrade never goes through, though other upgrades go through fine. This issue cost me 8000 points during the Withermoon season’s first event: the build event.
  2. Whenever I have been battling other bases then switch to the event screen, the game crashes or reloads like I am just joining the game for the first time.
  3. On occasion, the game completely crashes on me no matter how many times I reload or reboot my device, suggesting a very unstable platform.
  4. Swipe attacks with my sorcerer dragons such that the game does not register when I try to use swipe attacks in battle. Is there a way to adjust sensitivity for this?
  5. The game does not completely sync my teammates so we can combine attacks on particularly difficult bases, such that one teammate doesn’t get the invite even though the other teammate is already in the attack.
    These are some of the major issues I have been facing in this game. I am hoping the developers look into some of these issues. On the dragon perch issue, I sent in screenshots documenting the issue during the build event.

What operating system and device are you using? I’m using iOS X max and not having any of these issues.

I am using android, IG G5 & 6. The 5 is two years old but was running the game fine when I first played it over a year ago. These updates have been killing the stability of the game across android platforms.

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That’s all you needed to say…
It pretty much covers it.


It’s more than that, I pointed out the first issue for a reason. As an elite player I paid money to try to take advantage of the perks offered in game yet it doesn’t seem like the devs are trying to fix what is wrong with the game nor recompense players for these errors that otherwise could have made the difference between stalling at a certain prize level and achieving the next higher tier. Furthermore, during the second event, I achieved enough Withermoon sigils to unlock the prize window for 13 × gold boxes, 41 × 12 hour speedup, or 2200 elemental embers yet I can’t redeem my prize again because the game is not syncing with the servers. Are the devs going to fix this or otherwise recompense me and other players who run into this issue which prevents us from making progress?

It seems that whatever updates were released in the last month has made the game even more unstable. Unfortunately the game does not generate a fault or error log for submission to the devs upon a crash. The game is now literally shutting down right in the middle of an attack. While I do appreciate the devs sending out compensation packs if game errors prevent players from participating in events, I would be much more satisfied if they could identify and fix errors that cause the game to shut down for no reason, thus interrupting otherwise successful attacks and causing players to waste valuable consumables and first time xp boosts.

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