Major Flaw of Atlas


This pretty much sums up one huge problem with it. It went from a game that you could do actions in 3 clicks and a few seconds…to this.


Odd, I’ve never had a continent jump longer than 30m

that’s when he travels almost half the map. lol. My longest was 1hr with my little snail

It was like 1/4 but just not in a straight line, point is, I dont think any travel should take that long

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I totally agree with you on this

I agree, no travel time should take that long.

Use the wonderful Haste consumable :joy:

All kidding aside…that’s ridiculous. Traveling takes too long and speeding up the primarch with rubies is not a solution.


ha, of the myriad of flaws, you pick this. lol

seriously, it is a very slow experience. slightly better than it was early on, but still painful.

Maybe, a Prime that opens portals?

One person has to make that trip and open a portal for team? Obviously with limits 5000-10,000 troop limit so you have to send more Portal Primes?

I agree traveling for hours sucks!

I’m restricted to a relatively small area of the map, unless I I want to try and get through a bunch delays and traps, but an hour wait to play is just silly. Two hours is just plain stupid. I am looking at playing for an hour or so here and there. I am not looking for a game that i have to set an alarm clock because what i wanted to is finally available.

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@PGDave part of just getting around the world takes a very long time OR you need consecutive land in order to move around.

Im not sure how others feel but spawning random portals hardly seems like a solution. All it does it bypass a lot of the things teams have built and makes no real sense or solution to the problems of travel.

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