Major problem with anuba reanimate


When I try to use reanimate with anuba, it ALWAYS freezes like I have bad connection (which I don’t, and it’s the only time it does that) and the reanimate will still be counting down Even though anuba is frozen, and then she spontaneously dies. Every single time.


Okay, asking the following questions to cover the bases:
You do know that reanimate only works when Anuba “dies” within the duration of reanimate, correct? The dragon should come to a stop (freeze in mid air), absorb incoming damage and then if it dies within the reanimate duration, it will “reanimate” and come to life in a big explosion.


Yes I do know she is supposed to die, but my screen acts like it has bad connection and everything stops firing at me, but then as soon as the reanimate duration is up everything resumes and she magically is allready dead and it takes me to the screen to pick a new dragon.


If you could take a pic when that happens? It might be helpful! Tagging pg: @arelyna


Question, how will a picture capture this? I wish I could take a screen recording


If you are on ios its fairly easy, not sure about android


Ok now that I’m trying to get proof it’s not doing it anymore :joy::joy: it would even sometimes say “reanimate failed” even though she was dead. If it happens again I’ll try to capture it. I think my phone hates me . She finally got stronger too from all the bases attacked… maybe I just needed to update the app. It automatically updated today . Thanks though !!!


Also I don’t have anyone to rant to about this but I have to say, this makers of this app are amazing and constantly listening to the players and fixing things, and are always easily reachable and quick to respond. I think it’s amazing so Cudos to them. I’m always recommending the game to people


What game are you talking about?


Pokémon :joy: dragons version haha gotta hatch em all


When will we see War Dragons Go coming? I wonder :grin:


Use the record run feature under options. Then upload to YouTube and link to the video in your ticket.


If you have Android, you can use Google Play or YouTube Gaming, both separate apps, though Google Play might be included by default.


You guys rock:) when it starts happening again (if it does) I’ll try that


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