Major sync issue


My wife has similar issues with synch errors. Hers have been going for about a year now with PG not caring at all. The only response she gets i


Wow great this chat just bugged on my account awesome. So she has gotten no response except that she should uninstall and reinstall. The only answer for a YEAR.


WTH it kicked me again before I could finish. I also have a huge number of synch errors but not the reset bug. Out of the 40+ tickets that have resulted not once has there been any solution. I get asked dumb questions until the techs stop reading back far enough to see my actual issue and tell me that the initial problem never happened and they close my ticket. This has been going on for over a year for me as well.


That seems oddly familiar to my scenario


This part is concerning. I was about to offer some suggestions to try client-side, but this sounds like possibly a server-side issue. Before assuming server-side, though, may I ask, did the opponent ever finish your base with appropriate score? How did u know this happened? Were you looking at the last attack replay to cross-reference the # flames with or did you speak with the opponent?

Also, is this on Android or iOS? Have you changed any firewall settings recently, whether it be hardware or possibly an app on the device?

Excuse the seemingly obvious questions. Just trying to narrow it down. Hopefully I’ll still be around if you reply and maybe can be of more help with those questions answered.

P.S. You can PM me if need be


I joined the defense and let them finish my base numerous times just to ensure it is not a single issue.

Successful attacks from them are not registered and only failed normal or war attacks, <70% are captured on my replays.

No hardware changes were ever made recently


Android or iOS?

Edit:. Sent a PM


@Reflast, I am sorry that you are still having issues with you account. I responded back to our PM. (Sorry for the delay, I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off)


Are you on Android as well? I have been hearing compatibility issues are common despite PG never bringing it up.


I just read in a different posting that the service techs we send our tickets to are not actually PG employees and are sub contracted to answer complaints. Anyone know if this true? It would go really far in explaining why this game is a disaster when it comes to customer service.


Thanks to PG employee Peter for your kind help. My account has been resolved of its bug. You are a true asset to PG and I hope that the company will have more staff like you which will in turn earn a loyal customer base that grows over time. Thank you once again.


I wish I knew how to stop the sync lost connection because I get kicked out every time


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