Make all three glyphs for seasonal branches

Hi @PGCrisis @Arelyna
Since it’s quite difficult to get good glyphs like legendary/mythic rage for example, i suppose it’s a good idea to make all three glyphs for seasonal branches. The runes spots can be equipped with legendary/mythic runes from silver chests since there are lots of decent runes from that chest like legendary/mythic rage runes, legendary/mythic attack and hp runes. Just my thought. Thank you for your consideration.


Or can we have 3 Rune spots and 2 glyph spots?

Makes everything easier in general :eyes:


How about make it 5 rune slots and runes and glyphs work in any spot?


You mean like Universal Rune/Glyph Spots then, right?

Yes, do away with the difference between runes and glyphs and just make them one type that will work in any slot. To save hassle, make the slots combination shaped (diamond and circle), so that any type will fit.

I agree with three rune slots and two glyphs, but not the universal slots. It feels like a little bit of a strategy on what runes/glyphs to put in those valuable spaces. I like having to think about it, but universal spots would be cool too I guess :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

I like the idea of simply having 5 spots and you can equip either rune or glyph.

Then, you wouldn’t be able to put a legendary rage rune and glyph on the same dragon without the effects cancelling.


I think it still would under Talarius proposal. It’s like universal slots for rune and glyphs. The slots are essentially without distinction, while runes and glyphs still have theirs

Anything is better than more slots for the scarce and less spots for the more common

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