Make atlas available to all teams reaching Platinum

The Way that this game awards a team atlas is unfair. You have leagues in where some teams have it and some don’t. Atlas teams always have an advantage in regular events because of the perks. They have ways of getting more egg token, speedups etc… atlas should everyone that wants it. Our team had it with nine castles, a bad takeover happened after our leader got tired of the game and they started kicking our regular players. 35 of us decided to start again as a family, all from our previous team, What makes us so angry as we were the ones that worked at getting those castles and gold, but we now have no access to any of it. We are gold 2 after 3 weeks, and waiting until sapphire seems silly when our originall7teamwas awarded in in platinum. I have notice so far going through the moving up through the leagues again that even some gold 3 teams have atlas. There needs to be some changes made in this game.

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You could just find another dead atlas team and take it over…

But yeah, they do need to give atlas to all active, full teams…


Hello everyone,
I search a dead team which has atlas to take them over.
Please contact me!


u could see if this one is available, dunno if they’re willing to give it up tho


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I understand this is frustrating- and no, I’m not just saying that- I was in D1 with no atlas when every other team in Diamond had it. At the current point in time there is not enough space in atlas- yes you could have it and hit poachers in the safe zones- but with the high castle hold limit many larger teams hold the majority of castles in atlas. If you’ve seen the auction chats you know that that even the tier 2 castles go for insane amounts. Your best bet is probably to take over a dead active team with the understanding that you probably won’t be able to hold a castle without a sponsor yet.

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