Make atlas invader base up to date

Could the atlas invader base be updated with up to tier level towers? They used to follow player level until abyssal tier (I think)

Also it won’t hurt to have all tower types from time to time, it might make it again a good training ground for new dragons instead of a chore to get gold


Feels like unnecessary and has no use . So it seems fine as it is to me tbh


But two years ago the invader base was there and was up to date … now it is not, and there is no replacement but raiding beasts that gives no chests nor xp nor a few consumables

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Why does it matter if it stays that way ? There’s literally no reason to change a grinding gold base


Might be a good idea if it helps increase the chest drop rate.

Ref: Reduced Chest Drops in Invaders? - #2 by Morreion


I also feel like it should be increased to provide better resources… Currently lazy latiff trend is going on. Definitely a change is required… Probably overhaul.


If you are stuck in old system how do expect game to undergo any changes …??? New changes are required to be competitive with other games in the market … this is not retro gaming to play contras. Hell even Mario evolved from time to time.

yeah invader 2.0 solves every problem in game , gotcha .

Curious what better rss should invader 2.0 should provide ?

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Very bad idea if you consider the grinding becoming more of a grind

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Some do like to grind, over 1b gold farmed in a month. I am happy with the 20 odd gold runs every day. We all play the game differently.


Why would we need towers to be higher level? Invader bases are there for grinding out gold and xp, not for practicing. If you want to practice a dragon hit live bases. Raising the tower levels would also make Krelos no longer a viable gold miner. I see no benefit to this suggestion

That seems incorrect. Chest drops go off the base level, not the tower level on that base. Every invader base is the same base level as yourself so the tower levels shouldnt matter at all.

In what way would changing invader bases be an improvement? There is a lot of stuff that needs to be changed and invaders arent even on the list. Changing them would just be a lazy attempt to say they did something without actually doing anything.


Idk but I trust @Morreion :sweat_smile:

I am quite sure chest drop rate is lower than it was, also as I mentioned it used not to be the case, atlas invaders until two years ago was a good place to practice new dragoni with towers your level, now the base may be your level but the towers are not

I know there are bigger problems but currently the invader base is broken, and making it as good as it used to be does not appear complex

There’s nothing broken about the invader base. It’s just stagnant. Again, if you want to practice dragons then go hit live bases with real towers and setups. Invaders at best are for figuring out the dragon’s spells.

So again, I see no benefit to this suggestion. It would just make grinding more of a chore and less appealing to do.

I trust his knowledge too but we’ve specifically been told before that chest drops are affected by base level. I get fairly decent chest drops from invader runs which I wouldnt get if I was hitting a base that low.


I’d be happy if invader had better drops, but not really at the cost of being able to auto endless gold runs

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Whoa whoa you people are wanting to fix chest drops for invader with making invader a bigger base . Do you think you can still krelos a radiant lvl base ? So in order to fix " the chest hunt on invader" people would start doing actual runs on a grind base for gold with their strongest dragon ?

I only imagine myself being a 700 with a 700 invader base and seems like terrible .

I wonder if this happens will people agree making T2-3 guards Radiant tier too :eyes: you know cause a player caught up in current tier would have to hit a top base everywhere dont u think?

Nobody said Morr was wrong with what he said , he explained why the rate would be low for a high player hitting such a small base , he never suggested making invader a radiant base though . What I am trying to say , making invader base stronger to fix chest drop rate for it breaks other QoL stuff like gold farming with krelos or weaker drags ( compared to max tier) , and people would start again asking for xp runs in TC .

You see what I mean?


Is it fair for all players joining after Krelos to take twice the time for invader bases? The guards level too imho should increase periodically to follow the general game growth but that’s not the point

I don’t think autoattack will be impossible with at-tier dragons and a modest gear

Is it fair I dont have JL 's money to play ? Really this is your argument ?
Some players use Marlis , or any other weak dragon . Whatever works for them.

That would be terrible , like a tragedy . You being ok with it says a lot

Dont forget not all game has access to atlas or have the chance of gear , especially crafting it is a chance based gamble

Yes, it’s a perk of having played longer, just like having lighting striker glyphs or more dragon choices for TR/Assault/Dungeons. It is an advantage of convenience, there is no haves and have nots when it comes to grinding invader bases. Those people still have the option to raid or to do an attack and let auto do the run for them. For Krelos you have to actually use his spells or he will die on the invader.


I honestly only fly invader when I get a new dragon :sweat_smile: it is nice to be able to kill the base with a level 1 lineage dragon and get more than max xp without a follower…invreasin* tower levels isn’t even a QoL upgrade in my opinion…feels like a step in the wrong direction

I would prefer PG spend their rss fixing other things that are far more impactful to gameplay

I don’t do chest runs on invader, I get my gold with the raid button or packs :sweat_smile:

I don’t think invader was meant to be a chest farm base…