Make attacks truly random

Attacks should be truly random, no bookmarking should be allowed so people can’t constantly target the same people over and over. You should at most be able to hit someone once, unless the system randomly assigns the person to your list again. no repeated revenge attacks either. That is lazy and ridiculous to have a higher power constantly hit another player.

I like the theory of “instancing” for Atlas. As something to be able to sign up for, not something that is always available

But not for main game at all

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I 100% agree with this. It’d make doing egg missions a lot more annoying. And if you’re on a team where participation in team quests is required, not being able to bookmark and fly a base like MsMersy or KingApparatus would make life hell.

And yessss, instancing in Atlas would be lovely. Wager troops and get randomly matched up with someone else, completely annonomus so it’d be harder to have someone get all bent out of shape over losing and track down their random match up partner for revenge.

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How would this affect defensive primarchs? Would you only hit taunters first, then trappers, then when defenses are down you can hit seigers?

Ask Mech :laughing: it’s his brain child lol

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Sounds like someone got farmed :woman_shrugging:
Bookmarking in the main game is used by most players to mark egg token bases and for those without atlas access they bookmark exp bases.

How do you expect people to grind exp without atlas or bookmarks? If you can still search teams then you can still “bookmark” so we’d have to remove that function too.

And remove the ability to send mails since you can attack people through saved mails…

Hm. Well, I suppose it’s more possible than I initially thought.

I mean, PG is already making official XP bases. It wouldn’t be a stretch to include MsMersy/KingApparatus-type bases to the collection.

Then people would be able to do quests, egg missions, and XP grinding, all off built-in bases rather than bookmarks.

I don’t know quite how it would work with Atlas, though; because of the map-based design it’d be weird to engage enemies or conquer territories that were nowhere near you. I suppose it could work in addition to the usual Atlas map, though, as some sort of “Champion’s Arena,” or something, for finding well-matched Atlas enemies to fight.

Would have to remove the ability to look up teams too. Rosters would need to be hidden…

Or remove ability to attack through those

Yep. Overall I think the idea is awful. You’d have to break fundamental parts of the game in order to even make it work and it would change how the game is played (and not in a good way).


Even if I was for this, which I’m not, they’ve still got to fix Ryuu…first.


Umm . . . Well, yeah! Priorities!?

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