Make bounty harbor standard

For 2 months my bounty harbor has had a 24 hour cool down every time I collect it. I’m sick of being cheated out of the rewards almost everyone else gets.
How many others are being cheated by 24 hour timer instead of the 6 hours everyone else has?

Not me, it’s 6 hours. If I could send you some stoneskin shield or evasion spells to compensate you, I would. Unless you are one of the lucky ones that gets good stuff from there

What level are you? :t_rex:

  1. It has been that way since I started. If I had figured out I was being cheated soon, would have deleted the game on the spot. As it is I’m getting close.

Lol, right good stuff. No I average less than 30 eggs a day from it. Some days I don’t get anything since the reset time slides.

Mail support? Reinstall? I really can’t remember if mine was ever 24 hours.
Honestly, you’re not missing much. This morning I got two equippable Storm Resists. Goodie. But I understand your frustration… this is definitely a weird thing. :t_rex:

I did. They had me jump a bunch of hoops until the 3rd or 4th response was they are testing different timers on people. And “sorry”. That’s it. The point of this topic is I don’t think anyone even knows they are cheating some of us, so how could.they possibly.provide feedback on 24 hour timer when dont.know about it. The people answering the ticket didn’t even know about it.

Post your ticket # here so maybe @Arelyna or @PGCrisis can give us some clarity…? :t_rex:

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1343241 thanks for helping get some visibility on this issue

Sounds like A/B testing and you got the B side of the stick 🤷

Ahhhh testing because too many rewards from the bounty harbour is making people quit. Sounds legit


Or the C option of alternate dimension

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That is better than me. When I get egg tokens I average about 1-6.

I’m having the exact same issue. I submitted a ticket and it was closed without resolution. I didn’t even know it wasn’t supposed to be a 24hr timer until my friend asked me if I was remembering to log in and check it. Apparently it’s supposed to be about 6hrs between

Exactly, there has been no fix and no compensation. Then finally I’m told they are testing different timers for community feedback. How are they going to get feedback when nobody knows they are doing it.

All of the referrals I have, get a 24hour bounty harbor. What they told me is, they know about the issue, but no timer on when it gets fixed. Pretty much standard useless reply

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