Make breeding, fortification and feeding a season long event

Hi, been thinking about this for a while. And I’m pretty sure I read this same suggestion from someone before - just can’t find it.

Can we consider making breeding, fortification and feeding one single season long event? Much like the current Atlas season where glory hunting is a season long endeavour.

These three things are simply actions a player should be taking over and over again, not artificially waiting for that 5-day period when it counts for something.


  • Allows players continuous progression and not feel “stuck” when they can’t do a certain event
  • Allows players to plan and mix-n-match what actions they want to take and when they want to take those
  • All these three things are inter-related and would make more sense together


  • Doesn’t solve the sapphire and up breeding Everest - this still needs to be addressed
  • PG will likely reduce prize scaling if this happens - please don’t go down this path
  • This idea is too clever - PG let’s get better together and implement this immediately

Can we agree to make this happen? Yes We Can! (sorry Obama I had to)


As someone who has the atlas season… I’m sure they’d make it super expensive to get prizes if they went ahead with your idea, it’s a miserable expensive grind

True - hence my second con… :rofl:

Isn’t it strange how us players are savants when it comes to PG actions? (hint - no it’s not strange at all)

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I love this. But I think it’d get boring, as the normal rotation of events is

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I suggested this a while back (old forum I think). But I’m only small beans compared to some larger players so thanks for brining it up again and really providing more detail.

It could be built into the achievement system already in place. You know the one that we all out-grow pretty quickly and only benefit from when hitting level milestones later on :grin:

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