Make castles meaningful and consolidate lands

New lands has created a barren wasteland of castles with very few prims and CG on them. There is so much land there is no reason to battle for castles anymore. “Pirate” teams reign supreme now and there is nothing we can do against them.

I would suggest letting new lands sink forever and getting rid of half the old map. Reset everything. In the consolidated lands have up to T6 castles that have meaningful rewards and increase rewards across all castle levels.

Give teams a reason to hold castles and fight for them. In the current state of affairs, it’s sadly just swap dragons…


So basically Mega Alliances ruined the game and could control other teams under threat and now that it is becoming harder to do it’s problem? Teams choosing not to play your way and be constant glory buffets for you as they hemorrhage troops sounds more like a personal problem.
It takes some gall to ask for the map to be specifically redesigned to benefit only you and screw everyone else. Atlas absolutely needs reworking but it certainly isnt the way you suggested.


Something needs to be done. Since new lands, the acceleration of teams disbanding is quite noticeable not to mention the sheer amount of people retiring… New lands solved nothing. I wasn’t speaking to make things better for my team, I was speaking in general terms.


You’re right that the new lands were dumb and didnt solve anything but what you’re suggesting only benefits your team/alliance.

Sorry to be so blunt but it is your alliance who played a major role in ruining atlas, disbanding teams and people getting fed up with it being a 2nd job. You’re not the sole ones to blame but a huge chunk of the blame does fall to you guys. You’re complaining about a situation you guys helped create.

Going pirate is a way for many of those teams not to have to worry about it anymore and not have to kiss your alliance’s feet. People are sick of the politics and the drama, they’re sick of the time demand, they’re sick of fighting pointless battles that bleed them dry. What’s the point of trying to hold a castle and stocking it with guards just so that they can be an all you can eat glory buffet for the top alliance? New lands certainly didnt help but you cant blame them for a problem that’s been around for years.


I don’t really see you coming up with suggestions. I just seeing you trying to place blame. Good thing we went at a slow pace….

Anyway in its current iteration, the game won’t be around much longer. The churn rate must be incredibly high at this point…

Hi there .

This is a good topic , I am glad one of the top ta leaders came down and came up with this . From my experience as the first high legitimate team that went pirates before the " new kids made it a trend lately " I can only say I agree and but disagree more with piracy as a play style . Personally I hated it , but I also hated being in an alliance as well .

Going back to your post @Haliaetus you are in middle of a situational issue , cause being part of a big alliance your targets are running dry and as you said so many high teams disbanding and so many players quitting. However for pg , as far as they care there are so many 5ta’s in game that are suppose to be hitting each other and so many areas to be conquered. Instead the battle pool has shrunk and we know all why .

Why did castles get devalued so much ? It was delays being 30 seconds . Hence why piracy was a more fruitful play style , but I do not agree pirate castles should give same payout with a measly 69 guards on them

A map reset ? Yes
A map resize ? Maybe
Seasonal Map Gone for Good ? Yes

New rules ? Probably .

Will this solve mega alliances though ? I doubt it .

Have a nice day :v:


@Eff Thank you for chiming in. My whole purpose of starting this thread was an open discussion. As players we all see what is going on and PG is going the wrong direction (if you can call it a direction) to fix the issues…

I love this game and have played for over 6 years but the writing is on the wall.


I will say only this past two years pg has delivered so many updates requested by the player base which were welcomed , however some of those came with byproducts that we suffered right now .

For example : Delays were strongly requested with the reason of reaching teams without the need to bubble gates . That caused the huge devalue of castles we all suffer today .
However pg cannot solve the mega alliances cause those are relationships happening out of their reach .

I said on my previous post the issues you brought up are situational ( but actually I agree with those ) cause there are many teams that would still fight for castles that they can’t for various reasons that all sum up to " MEGA ALLIANCES "

Since I joined the GPF’s my mission has been to break " mega alliances " but this has been a mission impossible so far and not cause of pg , they have been very interested into doing this , but unfortunately “friendly behaviours” happening out of game are uncontrollable .

So the big question is " Who can fix this ? " . I am game for many changes , and would really love to see top teams react more on this topic .

P. S : I played as a pirate for over a year till it became an abomination , and currently on an independent team , and hitting everybody feels refreshing . Having mega alliances limits people , shrinks targets and ruins fun . Maybe this helps :v:


Speaking for myself, not as a Dom representative, I can say when Dread retired and we made our announcement, I personally wanted the end of the mega alliance as well. We supported other alliances less than we had previously but quickly found the other side wasn’t willing to dissolve their mega-alliances either.

I was optimistic it would lessen the impact of the mega alliance on both sides but alas it didn’t. Personally I would love a map where it was only 5ta VS 5ta.


I know and I was the first to support that and for once I was happy , I wish you kept that course .

Hope you enjoy your gameplay buddy , unfortunately I don’t lurk in forums anymore but I do hope these issues get fixed . As a player I would love to make a lot of changes , as a gpf I can say atlas is hard to fix , unless we players do something with it .

Have fun :v:


Atlas has needed a real overhaul for a very long time. The current map is a joke. Alliances are never going away, it is something PG said they actually liked seeing as it was a community thing the player base put together. I’ve always advocated for game recognition for larger alliances making them smaller and make them so teaming up with other alliances hurts more than helps. But that’s another issue. Getting back to castle value, in the current environment, if anyone and everyone can just take top tier castles and hold them with 2k troops and get the same rewards as a team who fully garrisons them then WTF is the point of the game then? Just hit enemies for glory? All offensive attacks, give up all defensive positions? Pretty much. Sounds lame to me, has actually made me play less and less. If castles have no real value, let’s all sit on 2k castles. No defense. There’s no value. Then what do we do? I don’t care what side you are on, but having no balance of rewards in atlas is just a death sentence. So after this round of feel good BS is over and even more teams are displaced/ merged and disbanded as our player base shrinks, what do we do next? All sit on our castles with 200 troops and no guards and play candy crush? I’ll bring the beer. Still waiting for something worth while. If anyone is left working for PG, what’s up guys? You in?


A simple fix,write code that once a 5TA attacks a castle only those two TA can be involved. This would get rid of mega alliances completely.

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Very exploitable.

TA A makes a TA B with shell teams.

Make TA B to attack TA A so TA A can’t be touched by other TAs, TA C, D, E, etc.

When TA A wants to attack, it can wait for whatever delays and attack TA C.

When TA A is done with its attacks against TA C and wants to be safe from retaliations, it can wait for whatever delays again then use TA B again.


That’s the problem….the whole game is very exploitable.


Mega alliances have basically ruined the game for me. Take for instance the fact that my team is currently being threatened in an area in which your mega alliance is seeking to take castles. A 150ish ranked team comes in as the attacker but gets backed by rank 1-20 teams who just obliterate us. You can make it better by simply staying out of the bullying. We never actually get to fight toe to toe with equally ranked teams because as soon as it gets tough for the lower ranked teams the mega players just come in and obliterate everyone. There’s nearly zero fun left in this game because of that. I have been frustrated for years over this but it never changes. The player base will just bleed out due to this nonsense


I don’t think mega alliances are to blame for teams looking to fight other teams of similar rank, not sure what the area looks like but let’s pretend a power rank 10 hits a power rank of 35? Is that fair? Seems so to me. I’m curious as to where the mega alliance part comes in? How many 5tas are hitting you? 3? 4 ? 7? Also how many 5tas are consolidated in said area? You make it seem like you’re under assault by 30 teams for 2 castles? I would hope that’s not the case. Curious as to what a solution could be for your situation? Also curious what tier castles they are :sweat_smile: not trying to be confrontational curious as to what mega alliance is actually working together in this day and age :sweat_smile::rofl:

There’s only one mega alliance that does the damage. Obviously you could care less because you are part of it. You obviously don’t understand how this side of the game feels. We can’t attack or we get slaughtered by punishment of sniping one time. The top 10 teams roll through our bases and vaporize our towers like they are level 20 rather than 150. You guys want more activity but we know that more offence from our side runs the risk of us being wiped off the face of atlas….that’s a fact. 10 of our TAs can’t keep up with your top TA :man_shrugging: Call it what you will but things will keep going to :poop: because of the imbalance


That’s pretty harsh and ignorant. You seem to have a lot of hate it blinds you to a narrow perspective. You don’t think your sides top 10 teams aren’t rolling through triple defended 160B bases like butter? There are many issues we all face. Regardless of side. So to fix imbalance, what’s the solution? I would think creating meaningful conflict and rewarding it as much would be a good start. But yes let that anger out. I put it all on PG to do something, anything to change atlas. I haven’t played it seriously in well over a year and maybe? I would think fixing castles better than they are now to support a somewhat balance battle mechanic for all teams. How about you?

I agree that it should be all on PG to do something to make space for meaningful and balanced competition. They obviously don’t GAF though because we have been asking for this for years. I can’t really blame the top teams for doing what they do tbh. I mean what’s a team to do if the mechanics of the game work to their favour? A team isn’t going to lose for the sake of allowing another to win. That’s where PG could potentially think outside the box to come up with a viable solution.

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Tbh, it’s not new lands that the problem, it is one mega alliance that doesn’t hit itself, if they hit each other then castles will be held meaningful by everyone.

You have teams battling on t2s and t3s that don’t need them, against teams that do, the issue is way deeper then new lands, remove passage, lock ta’s for long periods, remove surrender, remove conquers in pvp bubble that would solve a lot of issues