Make Cloak Great Again


Instead of “trolling” other posts about new content I have decided to start a discussion about fixing cloak. Being a coder myself I understand how difficult of a fix properly squashing this bug would be since it appears to be more of an issue with when towers have already begun the initiation of their attacking phase.

So let’s not fix that. Let’s put a tiny bandage on it. For example:

While (cloak =true)
Call invincibility
Shield type = invisible

Where this code fails is when the projectiles are already in the air and you uncloak you would still take damage. Perhaps there is another spell that would work better.
Any trolling, thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome.


Only possible issue with this is that fire flak’s death special is supposed to damage your drag, even if it’s cloaked bc it’s “AOE”.


That was soul crushing…:rofl:

I don’t have a good solution for the AOE aspect honestly. But I am cool with making cloak more powerful than how it is in its current state of maybe working.

So basically PG would have to break something to fix something. I don’t see that happening. Anyone else have any suggestions? Maybe this can be attacked from yet another angle.


Could just set status as windwall as almost all attacks that hit you while cloaked is projectile

So same code inset, but windwall instead of invince


Thanks that’s not a bad option either. I believe elemental towers would still be able to cause damage. Although I can’t recall being hit by an elemental while cloaked other than fire turrets


Windwall is the most appropriate solution as far as negating the damage. But unless PG is able to get rid of the visual aspect of windwall easily I wanted implement that fix either. :tired_face:

I am starting to see why this hasn’t been touched now :sweat_smile:


The issue is that any tower with a wind up animation - fire turret I’m looking at u - means cloak won’t work if u cloak during the animation. What I do is just cloak when the projectile is in the air. Problem solved.


Yep dending on the situation that is the way for a flyer to get around the current state of cloak. But the problem remains unsolved


Problem averted then. Not solved agree :joy:


Even non windup towers can hit you in cloak sometimes.

Mages sometimes.drain you while already cloaked
Cannons frequently hit still etc.


Ugh the worst is the mages still hitting, and you’re just sitting there, in cloak, watching it come towards you with the helpless knowledge that even though you did everything right to dodge getting maged, your run is now screwed up bc of this mage shooting at you while you’re in cloak… ugh it’s the worst…


The cloak bug, bothering good fliers since 2015. It isn’t 100% of the time, but this is certainly a bug that has ruined war runs, event runs, and basic raids at the exact wrong moment.


this is never gonna be fixed. I don’t know why I bothered. :joy:
It’s just such an annoying bug at precisely the time when you need something to not be bugged.


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