Make Event notification alert run only at the end of the season

Please please please please please stop the eternal false distracting annoying infuriating Event notification that blinks like there’s a dire emergency EVERY FRICKIN’ TIME I START THE GAME. Be kind to us OCD players (about 95% I’m guessing) and calm this thing down. I don’t care if I have a new free bronze chest. I’ll get it eventually. I’m not waiting with baited breath for the next one.

Solution: Only display the “emergency” blinking alert at the end of the season if I have enough unspent sigils to buy something. THEN I’d like a TRUE attention-grabbing notification so I don’t wind up losing my sigils. But that’s the only event that warrants the emergency notification.

This is a truly annoying part of the War Dragons interface. Please correct it.

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I don’t think I have ever seen this notification before.

I would ask you to screenshot it for me so that I knew what you talking about but its probably something that once its pointed out it, it will annoy me forever lol.


where and what is this


Im confused, I have no clue what you are referring to.
I think that 95% might just be you


When the next event starts, I’ll take a screenshot and send it to you.

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I have a hunch he meant like this example adverts:

Popping on your screen during events every time you open the game.

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I think he means the little red dot on the event button that signifies you have a new free bronze chest or prize to collect. We all just ignore it.


Those aren’t annoying there is only one pop up window try 2 or 3 and then that gets more annoying. It happens with pop up ads on websites too and those are way more annoying. Other than that what even is a “emergency blinky alert”?

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this better not be about that red dot

Im waiting for OP to post a Rick Astley video and say that he Rick Rolled us.

I think OP is referring to this:


That’s it! The static icon looks just fine the way it is. But when you start the game it blinks repeatedly. That’s what drives me crazy.

I don’t know if you were able to view the screen video I attached to the last email. Here’s a link to it: Blinking Event Icon. (You will NOT hear “Never Gonna Give You Up” when you play it, I guarantee it!)

The same blinking happens to the Store icon when something new is available, like event reward chests or teammate bought something chest. I tap that and there’s actually something there. That’s fine. But the blinking Event icon is meaningless and annoying.

Could you please turn the blinking off? Or gave users the option to turn the blinking off in a setting, that would be awesome!

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I see that I can’t upload videos. A still picture doesn’t convey what I’m talking about. You may not be able to view the video without downloading it, which you probably don’t want to do.

If you start the game and look at the Event button, you should see the blinking that I’m talking about.

I’ve been playing for 5 years now and have literally never noticed it does that before now. Also doesn’t seem like many people have noticed it either so it doesn’t really seem like an issue. It doesn’t even really blink, just pulses. There are dozens of animations happening on the screen, towers moving, mages burning, the water moving, etc. Not sure why this would be an issue for anyone.

Why did you only blank out your rubies and eggs? What are you hiding back there?


I’m a hoarder.

Be proud of your hoard. Let it all hang out.


Unless they are over 45. Then please keep hoard adequately covered!

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Never noticed it??!!! It’s screaming at you!!! OK, maybe it’s just my OCD and I have to deal with it by immediately tapping the icon to shut it up so I can think.

I feel better for having complained.

And I’d still like to have the option to turn it off.

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I think you need to manage/turn off your personal “alert notification” in settings.
I hope this helps.

All my notifications are turned off and still it pulses