Make gold packs more user friendly

Would it be possible to alter the coding for gold packs to make them more user friendly.

In the standard Galileo format

X is a problem:

When using gold packs to get a large sum of gold it takes forever to:

  • Click to open the pack
  • Wait for it to register
  • Click the next pack
  • Repeat 40 times to level a gold tier prim.

This can also cause sync errors kicking you out the game.

Y is a problem because:

This is a real issue because it irritates players and makes the game slow and clunky.

Z would fix this:

If you have selected an action you do not have enough gold for add a button saying use gold packs to (build troops, train/research prim). Clicking said button should then open as many gold packs as required to perform the action.

Much like xp potions for dragons, auto use timers for towers/hatching dragons or using bullhorns/diamonds for required farmers and gold.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not the world biggest issue but would be a nice QoL improvement.

I did do a quick search and don’t believe this has been suggested already but if it has feel free to close.


This would be very helpful


Nice QoL improvement. Already exists in maingame with timers and food/lumber packs, why can’t Atlas do it with gold packs?


Don’t think you need to wait for it to register. Just spam the button 40 times, and then wait for the game to catch up.

I agree it needs improving.

Problem with that is sometimes you may use more than required and waste your resources. One don’t count while spamming rapid screen touches. Not exactly the solution we should be looking for.

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