Make invokers 1st class citizens of the game

It’s been a while since invokers were introduced but they still don’t have the same standing as other classes. You still can’t get runes for them (outside of seasons), you still can’t perch them and they don’t support auto battle. Please don’t flame me but it just seems odd to me. Are there plans to fix this or is this just the way it is?


Id rather not have silvers become anymore diluted. The runes you get from seasons do a mighty fine job for all intents and purposes.

I think this a change that can be made. What suggestions do you have for the buffs they could apply?

Do you know what a nightmare this would be? The invoked shot would ruin it entirely lol as they are all different. I wouldn’t want them to auto battle because it would be impractical


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  1. Silver chests are awful in my view and need some love; this is only one instance that illustrates this

  2. I think 7.5% super shot boost and 5% tower attack boost

  3. Totally agree but it would be fascinating to see what the solution would be

I don’t mean any harm I just want to be as engaged with WD as I used to be.

Mythic rage and the 2 ammo runes are the only thing that people use out of the silvers anyway. Just save the seasonal invoker runes and glyphs just like everyone does for the other classes. The secondary effects are better anyway

The other ideas… sure why not

NA for lineage invokers. I just got Annelid, no idea if any good, just a baby, but I love his look so much I’m giving him a rider and basic gear. No idea how to rune him. Other than rage.

All his spells are based off of modified hp so…hp

A good rule of thumb is to rune dragons based off of how they are going to be doing the majority of their damage. Breath damage or spells. If breath damage then go attack. If spells then go with what the spell is based off of


I also didn’t know how to quote stuff for ages lol.
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:thinking: Still, sometimes rage is more potent than mere damage boost


Oh for sure! I just meant more “generic” way to figure it out


To add to this, and please correct me if I’m wrong, I was under the impression that the Invoke shot is regarded as a “spell”. Before even considering how they would make the auto fire targeting work, it could be a case that the invoke shot would never fire and await user input like other spells do.


It’s off topic but I had to take a moment to acknowledge how funny I find the name of this thread :joy: #EqualRightsForAllDragonClasses


I still believe invokers should have 5 shots not 4 :triumph:

There is a very easy solution for that which they should have done in the first place when they changed up the silver chests. Move the freaking Fire Flak atk and Lighting atk runes over to the tower sequence where they belong (just like they did for the ice flak hp runes). That would open up 4 spots that they could then add in Invoker atk and/or Invoker HP runes

Invokers definitely wouldnt work for auto battle though


Invoker specific runes would definitely be nice, IMO

all dragon types matter!


Invoker runes were mentioned upon release of the class and if I remember right pg said they had no plans to add them until they began underperforming.

So I imagine as the game meta passes them that may change but currently they were balanced to not need them…so basically they are preforming as we intended without runes.
And if pressed I’m sure you will get a similar reply and the good old …we are considering the possibility of adding them in the near future.:rofl:

Our my favorite we will take this to the team for consideration! Lol🤪

Maybe soon one day we will see some Balance to runes?


And that response of theirs was always complete BS because then they wouldnt have had invoker HP and Atk runes in their lines. That was always one of the most illogical things they’ve said. “Invokers are designed to not need these things but also here are these things… but only if you get the seasonal lines for them”.

I may be entirely wrong here but I thought Namaka, specifically, was meant to be balanced to not need runes and subsequent Invokers weren’t necessarily guaranteed to be balanced in a similar manner.

You are right, though; any attempt to press for clarification will almost certainly result in:


they don’t have legs, they will fall off perch🙆‍♂️


Or they can just float like in the den instead of falling into lava

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This isn’t a problem for Leviathan. They will just get very tired :joy: