Make it easier to find cheapest combination 4 reasearch eggs

I would appreciate a button where you choose the color of reasearch egg I want to breed and the machine would suggest the cheapest available parent combination.

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That would be very handy! I always prefer to do everything in app if I can.

Until such a feature is made the next best thing is Neon war Dragons which has them all


Thank you. I know though . But that takes quite some time to look it up and then match the right parents. I know this is not the most important thing, but it would be a great quality improvement. I don’t know how complicated it would be to introduce such a feature. If it wouldn’t be too much work I hope I can get some more likes and PG thinks about it!

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For multiple egg, can combine it with manual breeding as well, to get the cheapest combo (e.g. a pair with both legendary offspring will be cheaper than one with one legendary and one mythic. Sometimes, not much difference, but can save a few thousands per egg from the offspring.)


Breeding is already a 5 minute event, no real need to optimize it to a 3 minute event imho.


Simply host Neon in your team’s wiki and it is in game!


Thats a good idea I didn’t even think of that one!

I am not sure arbitrary things like this are what should make breeding a bigger event. That’s a whole other thing

It seems like a perfectly reasonable thing for the game to offer you the cheapest option without having to go looking elsewhere. Is it a massive thing? Nah. But it’s a simple convenience that makes sense. Besides that sorta information should be easy to find in game but isn’t.

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how do you do this

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You need html code.

You’ll need to put this into a blank wiki page (I can’t type it directly, or the forums will code it: