Make it possible to get all Ascension tokens WITHOUT having to get useless resurrection dragon

So, I know this has the potential to create a wide range of responses ranging from “who cares” to “tough luck”, but hear me out. All I am asking for is an option without creating an additional branch.

With the coming of Artisan tier, PG has finally admitted the uselessness of legendary dragons, and decided, wisely, to no longer invest resources in creating them. While I understand the nostalgia factor for newer players to get older seasonal legendaries, the fact remain that they are by and large useless to most folks given the current meta. I’m not asking for them to go away. If you want a worthless sorcerer for your collection, go get it. But don’t force people to get it to finish off a largely incomplete current season mythic. Leave the tokens in there, for the folks that do.

But also, add 1 Ascension token each AFTER the repeatable Electrum bar and 12 HR timer branches in the Electrum Tower and Spell Rider lines. So IF you claim all 100 repeatable prizes, you get an extra Ascension token. The cost is roughly the same.

37K sigils to complete the resurrection dragon = 2 Ascension Tokens

20K sigils to complete all 100 repeatable Electrum Bars = Proposed 1 Ascension token
20K sigils to complete all 100 repeatable 12 Hr Timers = Proposed 1 Ascension token

=40K sigils proposed vs 37K sigils in resurrection

This gives players more choices in how they want to spend their sigils, wether it be for resurrection dragon line prizes that include Silver chests, XP boosts or pots, and a mixed bag of good and not as good prizes, or current meta prizes like electrum bars and the always useful timers.


I don’t see any issue with this idea… Interested to see any criticisms :smirk_cat:


I’m all for this because the only resurrection dragon I really want is krelos which pg made quite clear in their stream was not gonna happen. Instead we can just keep getting these useless trash cans dragons that just look really cool :slight_smile:

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Personally, I think the whole ascension token thing is a terrible idea. The same as the exotic armour, is a terrible idea.

There is absolutely no way to balance dragons correctly and PG did not think this through in the slightest. I do not know if GPF were aware of the introduction of these, I like to believe they were not as there are some very smart players that surely would have warned PG of the pitfalls.

If they balance the mythics with the exotic gear and rune/glyph then for those without, the dragon is underpowered.

If they balance the dragon without the gear, rune and glyph, the dragon is overpowered with.

Time and effort on the part of E2P and F2P is no longer an even match for spenders as they receive 2 different mythics.

They will push away more players. I already see it in line and game chats.


Whatttt players don’t like the constant introduction of new currency? I thought they were planning an economy overhaul. Not taking it further :joy_cat:

I get and understand the economy situation and while I don’t necessarily agree that the power creep is very high for either the exotic gear (destroy 10 towers = 1 extra rage) and besides, that was coming anyway as this is the 10th season of mythic gear so there are players finishing up their collections this season. Nor the exotic runes/glyphs (increase heal % by 1.5% each for a total of 3% (base healing = 5%, rune/glyph healing = 8% with both), but that’s not the point of this thread. There are lots of other threads complaining about these things.

I am simply trying to propose an alternative method that should at best make sense to everyone, PG included, and, at worst, give people the reaction of “sure, I’m not getting them anyway, why not?”

I know logic doesn’t always go super far in the forums, but I really can’t see a downside to this for players or PG, seeing that at a minimum, Ascension tokens are here for this season, and sadly, probably longer. Yes, PG, make this change this season!