Make League Chat Optional

League Chat will often switches automatically based on a constant steam of messages resulting in unintended Team Chat ending up in League Chat. This can be rather annoying when it happens to you or perhaps hilarious when others do it. Suggestion would be to make Team Chat the default or create a Setting that can disable League Chat.


@Arelyna Hasn’t this been fixed in 4.94?

It’s happening now more than ever before where it randomly switches to LC

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I have played plenty of online games. After about 3 years the game gets crowded with suggestions to permanently stop unintended action or actions.
Then sooner or later the game becomes so easy and boring and the fun goes away.
Let’s not repeat that for this Game and learn from the mistakes other online games make at around 3 years.
Nitpicking at ways to improve the game that are superfluous only ruins the fun in the long run by adding quick satisfaction and orderlyness, if that’s a word.
Sometimes the best and most surprising chat conversations spawn by accidentally typing in the wrong chat.
We then all have fun with it and form better friendships.

Unwanted mechanic is different from unintended mechanic (although they may share a large subset)

At 4.94, it has been announced that TC will be default.
Now we’re at 4.95.1 (soon to be 4.96)


Maybe it’s default if you don’t look at any other chats. But no, it is not default in general

Edit: what I mean is I take one glance in lc and it becomes my new default chat. Seems it’s whatever chat I was last looking at is the default.

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I see the same pattern with all online games after about the 3rd year.
At around the 5th year the game is too structured with order that it feels less spontaneous. Developers can’t program into a game the human element. Once the human element is discovered in a Game, whatever that may be. Most folks want to put a lid on it, so to speak even though and take away random unintended fun. Just saying.

I’ve noticed after being in TC last that when someone comments in LC and chat box is opened again it goes to the most recent comment being LC

What I have noticed is if you tap on the chat head (yellow circle) it will open the last chat tab you had open (either Team, League, Alliance or Group)
Tapping in the chatter portion (red ellipse) it will jump to whichever chat that is from.

It seems quite repeatable, but I also have learned over the past 2 years of playing this to ALWAYS check which chat you are in because this game does not do what you expect it to do…

It should have been. The scrolling bar at the bottom will continue to show the most recent chat.

Thanks BigFredd, I will have to try that, didn’t think there was a separation in the Chat Scroll Box

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