Make seasonal dragon cost more linear. Start Seasonal dragons at green tier

So one issue I’ve seen recently with pg is trying to get new players interested in the game and retaining them. One of the biggest issues I see are the sigil costs around emerald and obsidian tiers for seasonal dragons. In pg’s own words (@PGGalileo has posted in a thread regarding increase costs during the last season) as players grow they are able to generate more sigils. Would it not make sense then to have a linear sigil increase for each seasonal dragon instead of a parabolic approach that is currently in place? From what I’ve seen the majority of players in platinum league are around level 300 - 400, which should put them around obsidian to harbringer tier, the area where the cost of legendary dragon line gets relatively expensive.

Having this increase sigil cost disallows players from potentially getting more than one seasonal legendary and imo saps more sigils than it should for new players we should be trying to retain. Having a linear progression will make it cheaper and more enjoyable for new players who can potentially then pick up a second seasonal dragon and enjoy a more diverse experience.

High level players already have higher sigil payouts and do spend so putting a higher cost on higher evolution stones should matter less to them, since most will be finishing an entire branch anyway to go for the seasonal mythics.

Regarding the second part of the topic, it costs about 47k egg tokens to get to green tier. That should be something achievable relatively quickly even for new players who don’t spend much. I have an alt in platinum which I don’t religiously, but I’m still able to collect around 100k egg tokens Between each breed which is a span of 28 days. For a new player, a month to get up to green tier should be doable.

Would love other’s feedback on this. We need to make the game more enticing for new players. And even players at the mid level.


Something else to consider is with Draconic chests, a player can start getting red tier divines at any point (hueso and nebulon for now), so starting at green tier for regular season dragons doesn’t completely exclude new players from having divines.


Was thinking maybe have the cost to obsidian be 1/4 of The Whole branch line. It’s about the half way mark in terms of tiers considering arcanum is coming out now. Does anyone have a good idea for sigil breakdown?