Make the ‘swap dragon’ roster interactive and customisable

There have been previous suggestions to help change the active dragons more easily. I didn’t see this idea in a few searches…
An idea I had is through the dragon roster when you want to swap a dragon from your actives (not through the den).
Eg: So I got skoll and hati for shits and giggles I didn’t even get the green stone. The twins sit at the top row of my swap roster on ~632k AP just after Sakura and before prospero Gunnar and my others that I actually use that are >600m AP. Ofc they appear by the potential highest tier evolution they were able to get to and not what I got them to.
Ember sits a small scroll down my list. Hau and noctua obviously further below. I’m sure many of you have shit dragons you never fly up in the way too…

PG could make this an interactive list by letting us press on a dragon for say 2 seconds which would activate a ‘move up’ or ‘move down’ menu feature so We can easily edit our top required dragons where we want them and move the trash outta the way. This way our top dragons we fly when needed are easily and quickly accessible.
I also think new dragons should go to the top of this list initially (lineage or seasonal) which can then be moved by us if and when required. Especially lineage drags which generally are needed for a short time before letting them rot in the den for the rest of their lives, but having them easily located while still being levelled would be useful.
And finally it would be convenient to be able to make a dragon inactive from your active dragon roster…
I think this would be a pretty easy thing for PG to implement.


I like that.
I also add that Den needs to be reversed.
Owned birds on top, missed birds on bottom. :nerd_face:
No need to scroll through empty spots. :thinking:


Yes I like both of those ideas!

:thinking: I’m just thinking simplified version of it…

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Just the ability to hide dragons you never want to see again would be awesome.
Then, just like you can show ineligible on the perch swap, you could show hidden if you wanted.

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