Make this pack as good as Gold Pack promo recently. I will buy

@PGAlgodon maybe bump this to 1250 horns. I will buy.


I’d buy that so quick :star_struck:

Lol, me too

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This is 2x the value of the previous best pack. Making it 20x the value of the next best thing would be downright idiotic

Can’t help but think we are chancing our luck like but im in :rofl::laughing:

Don’t have a problem with Atlas rss in order to spend $50 on 125 horns :man_shrugging:

1k 500k gold was very good
125 horns is kinda useless to me


The limited offer is not much better than this offer

May be bad at math (don’t blame me, I trusted someone else to do it). I’ll double check the numbers but I do believe it’s a good pack, even if you don’t specifically need it

Let’s assume that you have max amount of troops in hospital. Which most active Atlas players don’t.

125 horns will get you 20 12k troops revives

12k x 20 = 240k

2.8m gold per 12k revive

2.8m x 20 = 56m

This is without considering timers you have to use to get those troops out or the fact that many players don’t have 240k in hospital to revive.

If you have spend horns to build more troops, it will be even less valuable.

It would make more sense to go with 80 1k troops summon option.

I don’t think neither of offer is good enough though.

I am not a f2p player, but I will only spend money on pack that offer enough value. 12k sigs was good. 1k 500k gold was good.

Um can you double check this?

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Think he ment 2.8m gold per 12k troops

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Sorry 2.8m

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If you donate your $50 to Red Cross or World Vision, they will appreciate you. Really.


The staff will take 75% of the money and will give 25% to the poor. That is how it works for those organizations


well, still much better than wasting money to buy a garbage pack. Or maybe you donate to my Church instead?

lol you should go and donate with your money.

If I choose to spend money to save time, that’s what I’m doing with my money. If I choose not to donate my money to “charity”, that’s what I’m doing with my money. It’s my money lol



ok, good for you. Enjoy your spending and have fun!

thanks :+1: