Make Totems Great Again! - Allow 5 Totems to be placed on Base up to current level (85)

Why is it that the PVP bases are the only ones that can have 5 totems on the base? Totems have become irrelevant now because the buff is so low or you just sidestep them by using another dragon.

I say allow people to place up to 1 of each on their base so they can effectively buff their entire base. And let them go up to the current game level which is 85… I think I read somewhere that totems top out at level 50 with -19% reduction in attack power.

Let them go up to level 85 and give something like -40% attack power. -19% attack power was fine before riders and gear and all that, but now with gear and riders it should be higher.

This would also help another issue which is that the first long base only has 1 tower of which to place runes for 10 spaces which kind of sucks. If you use that island for 10 attacking towers then you’re at a disadvantage versus using the middle long island where you can place twice as many runes. But since totems stop working once they are killed, it would make sense putting them at the back of the base and if you used all 5 then it would basically make for 1 tower of runes for 5 attacking towers in the front which is how it should be.


I can’t see anyone building and leveling a totem over a flak. Let alone 5.


I would. I know the mega-whales would for sure. Do you think mega whales would skip out on the chance to buff all incoming attacks -40% or -50% or something, regardless of cost???

I would level all 5 right away to level 19 for -10% reduction in attack power for only 4900 embers each. Then once I max out my flaks (I plan to only keep 7 maxed) I can keep slowly upgrading the totems as needed. Or maybe they can reduce the ember cost or swtich to another currency to build or something. Either way the functionality of the totems should be expanded.

And how would you scale the percent reduction for their level?

At level 85? about 40 to 50% reduction in dragon attack power.

It’s an insane amount of embers to get to 85, but it would be worth it to level all 5 eventually and slowly. I think it’s a good invesment if you have the embers to spare.

And when level 90 towers come out? And level 100s? Honestly, totems are fairly obsolete, unless you’re one of the ones with 3 million embers laying around and damn near infinite timers.

Like I said, if you could put out 5 totems, it would be worth it for most competitive people to take them to level 19 at least to get -10% attack. It’s like getting another +10% HP buff on towers, but it’s for all 3 perches effectively since the totems buff the whole base. Very few could afford to take them past 30 or 50 or whatever, but slowly it would make sense to keep upgrading them all regardless of your level.

All Im saying is make them relevent again. It was a good idea and should be expanded on.

The thing I hate about this game to be honest, is certain things become obsolete too fast. They have a great idea, people get excited, then they forget about it… Everything should serve a purpose… even totems, ballistas, etc… We need some diversity and excitement in base design. Right now the game has just gotten too stale.

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I agree here.
Sure it is expensive, but noone forces you to get them. And those who do - well, now it wouldn’t be completely useless.

Why should it be higher? after all is a % not a fixed number.

Idk this seems like something big spenders could easily abuse if it goes too high up.


LOL well isn’t that the whole point to this game? Should we ask big spenders to pour in thousands of dollars and get nothing in return?

Regardless of how much someone can spend, it should not be a game breaking advantage.


I don’t disagree with you. But there is a way to put the 5-totem with large buff in place and still keep it balanced. Maybe make it only upgradable up to a certain base level or something.

id be leaning more towards restricting the amount of totems someone can have at once. If you are gonna reduce a dragon’s strength by 40/50%. One or two totems at once seems like a decent number, that way people cant always use the same dragon over and over in every base.

I can only speculate though, I’m not even close to endgame to know how many viable dragons are there at any given time.

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Well that’s just mean :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


lmfao, fixed.


You mean PVE bases on PVP events? I suspect that’s because the AI defenders are pretty easy and it gives a nice amount of strategy to make a choice as to which element of dragon to use.

Do they have all 5? Is the 5th one at the start of the base with 4 and the end? Do you mean the temple raid event? I’m not sure it would make any sense to allow anyone the ability to have all elements present, that seems like a direct dragon nerf with inflation for those who can’t afford to use embers.

I think they usually only configure 4 of the 5 so that you get more advantage from choosing a dragon of the element which doesn’t have a totem debuffing it. I’ve considered how it could be more fun to have totems work inversely (block all elements but one)

Honestly I think the totem level should continue to grow. 19% is pretty big, but they could at the very least add more levels for increased hp on the totem. Ideally throw in a percent or two more as well. I’m not really sure why they abandoned them. They also abandoned the rider stat that negates them. (Although it probably makes more sense to just increase dragon attack)

But just 1 already buffs your entire base.

And so does the base boost, as well as the regular tower buffs.

Well, again this seems like just a dragon nerf. Which i’d love to see bases be defendable again, but I personally don’t see this as a good way to do that. I’d rather see stronger seasonal base boost, or just weaker dragons.

I always assumed said “mega whales” already have all 5 maxed with 4 in storage. Some might even switch them around depending on expected attackers strongest dragons.

Just my opinion but this seems high. Remember the tower stats increase to mirror dragon stats (theoretically) and defensive rider stats mirror offensive rider stats.

I do think the balance is too much adjusted towards dragons though. It should be with a slight defensive bias in my opinion.

This is something I agree with.

I do think totems could use some attention though. It makes no sense to leave them at 50.


I have to say, I think this is actually a decent suggestion…
I would vote for it :+1:

This would deff make wars way more interesting with the base boost, the new war boost, and a boost against all elements of dragons if you could afford to level them all up :roll_eyes:

why would you want to give P2W crowd more advantages than the already have?


When it was strictly for farming bases and defending war, I understand why the dragons are slightly stronger than bases… but now with Atlas it would be nice to actually defend well against attackers.

If you think about it, P2W players can afford to take their entire base to level 85. They can afford to bench underperforming towers and rotate, etc… that’s a crazy amount of embers, timers and resources.

Moderate spenders and Free players however have to be much more careful with their tower choices, not level up too many of any one thing, etc… but they would be at an advantage against the P2W players if they chose a shorter modest base and boosted the heck out of their totems if they were allowed to place all 5 at once and level them as much as possible… or a longer but not-max base boosted like max power. Like having an entire base all level 70 towers that hit like 85 because incoming dragons are so weak. So you think it’s going to benefit the whales (which it will) … but it would benefit the froogle base builder as well.

The froogle base builder is the one that needs more options for strategy, IMO it would benefit them more than the whales.