Make tower transforms to premium towers cost premium resources

The whole reason some of us merge is that we don’t have enough of a certain resource. Requiring that resource to perform the merge prevents what is possibly the most common use case for merges.


No: you’d have to pay the premium currency to transform the tower.

This results in a big xp hole/timer cost.

You’re going to need the premium resource to upgrade the tower anyway. There is a seasonal line to get the currency.

It could be an option: pay the premium currency, or (as currently) take the major xp/timer hit.

Have you tried simulating it in Neon?

Start Howi Mage Finish Howi xp cost (m)
10 110 76 3.61
20 110 76 3.64
30 110 78 3.63
40 110 80 3.75
50 110 82 4.21

Edit: I also added a bunch of small lumber or premium based towers (is that what you mean by feeder towers? Is there a post on this, searching “feeder towers” only returns your post?), but couldn’t get the xp cost out of the millions.

Where is the feeder towers? :woman_facepalming:


Not if done right, and some don’t care about both those holes


Alternatively, you can pay the excess resources on transformation to reduce the loss of tower level and reduce the XP hole.

So, if you take an old blue mage, and convert it to a new blue mage, you would have to pay the bars now that you didn’t have to pay then.

Maybe still have a slight loss, but then there is no arbitrage opportunity created where people can bypass paying the electron bars

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Absolutely no. Hell no! Merging to skip premium currency levels on towers is there to actually HELP players bc our earning potential for them has barely increased in years.


As above:

You keep calling it this “massive” xp and timer hit so I’m not sure you have actually used it to its full potential :thinking:

As @FieryxFury stated above


As it stands currently, you need this amount of premium currency just to get to 125s.

So why would you want to waste those on a merge/transform?

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Well perhaps someone could post a screenshot from neon converting a level 100+ lumber based tower to a premium tower without an xp cost in the millions. I’ve tried many combinations as discussed above.

And again, you are doing it wrong. Very rarely should you EVER consider converting a lumber only tower to a premium tower (ie massively overleveled) .

Why give people the option to make a stupid mistake? You can only get a small amount of premium currency without some sort of spending, why let people waste that on something ?


People make dumb decisions. Giving them the option to spend a currency that has a limited earning potential will cause frustration and even more burn out then we already have

Also this exists


What XP cost?

  • build small base tower, gains XP for base tower.
  • build feeder towers, gains XP for feeder towers
  • Merge Lumber tower (in this case, mage) along with feeder towers to base tower.
    • Lose XP from base tower and feeder tower
    • Little to 0 XP loss from new tower and lumber tower difference.

Literally, you lose as many as you gain, with small difference.

By lv 110 mage, I presume you’re at least lv 496, which should requires about 5.8M XP to level up.
On the other hand, XP for base + feeder towers doesn’t exceed 3M. The worse it can do is adding your level by 1, while the XP difference between before and after merging is neglictible.

For feeder experiment? Try flaks.


I do assume there is a different way the timer loss is calculated on neon, but I’m too lazy and too bad at math to try and help you lol

I’m not sure in what sense this is a waste under the suggestion. You end up with the electrum based tower with close to the level of the lumber tower. You’ve already got the event points for upgrading the lumber tower. The event points for upgrading non-lumber towers are similar (slightly lower) than upgrading a lumber tower:

A way it could be considered a waste under the suggestion is that you don’t get a large xp hole, and get fort points when you’re recovering from it. I understand that, as FieryxFury correctly says, some don’t care about the holes, but I’m just thinking about the alternatives.

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Multiple people have tried explaining why it’s a bad idea. U do U. I’m out

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Based on your own example.

How much XP difference between lv 110 mage and lv 110 Howie? That’s the only difference you’ll get, provided that the other towers are new towers.
(XP wise, just check the final tower result if you’re confused with the process)

Build base and feeder towers during fort, and merge when they’re ready. Points in fort.


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