Make weekend events, weekend events

PG your events are too long. Remember when they actually were only on the weekends? I do. I know this will fall on deaf ears as events make you money but come on! It should end at least 12 hours earlier and the treasure hunt phase can start a full 24 hours later. Especially with PVP events. I think the community in general are tired of these same old events over and over. may not be as bad if they were shorter.

bring back those mini in-between events if you need a revenue source to make up for it.



Especially since we were in first last night.


Scratch that, too short, bring back dragon games! Eight days of heaven. #OlympicFever…but yeah, too long. Even chats are a ghost town after two days. It’s like punching in for a graveyard shift tryna earn a few measly rubies.

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Do people prefer when it is not treasure hunt phase? Aka no chest drops? If I didn’t get ruby drops so rarely I’d prob want that to, but being how rarely they drop (for me) I tend to prefer the chests…I think.

Edit: Also, yeah, I was very very grateful last night to finally get that epic trebuchet frenzy glyph so I could stop grinding and call it quits.


Events are exciting at the start, but stop being fun after a few days. I always look forward to the end of an event.

Seriously? I look forward to the pvp events so I can take a breather from the constant wars. We are 21 members short of full … aka, war bait. One team declared on us four times earlier this month. :roll_eyes:

Please don’t change a thing until my team can get filled up again. :rose::rose::rose:

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Lucky you, we are 14! :see_no_evil:

Maybe a week of no wars and events would be nice. Just take a vacation :joy:

I don’t feel lucky. We’ve had lots of wonderful people on the team but slowly some of them just quit playing. :sob::sob::sob:

Yeah pg took off that mini events , if so we will get chests all days

The same thing happened in our team. I understand you perfectly. Sad, I think it happens in many teams. Let’s hope that better times will come.

Quite frankly I just use pvp events to sleep now. You know, to make for all the sleep I lose staying up watching for war attacks :upside_down_face:

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I would immediately like this proposal if the daily gaming of WAR dragons would actually be fun and not a chore of staring at the damn screen for hours to catch war defense banners.

Atleast Atlas added some complexity and more tasks to do and even that becomes a boring single player game against countless of Invader bases.

I feel like it was much more fun when we started the game and didn’t hold back our progression for fort and breed events, that’s another thing that makes it really boring and actually punishing if you don’t stagnate until the next blow-all-your-RSS-on-day-1-event.

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I still hope for the resurrection… :sunglasses:

Just roll out atlas already lol…all these “I’m bored” posts will go away…seriously what kind of timeline are we looking at here for atlas to be fully release…1 year…2 years…3 years? cuz it feels like with as little as we hear about it’s progress it’ll likely be the latter. If in that case I will have long quit the game by then…but if atlas is released we’ll before then…then I Will likely still be playing in a few years.

I do agree, part of the boredom does come from not upgrading stuff due to waiting on events. Not really asking that to be changed but it is part of the reason. I do also like using the events to progress through the season but it’s a double edged sword.

Best time for me to play is during the week, like now. Weekends are for my family.

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Me too. We had a merger last year, which worked out great. But successful mergers are few and far between.

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If your decision to quit the game solely depends on the rollout of Atlas to your league, I have bad news for you…

You misunderstand completely. I will be too bored with the game to keep playing. Atlas, or something more to do in the game (I would think it’s easier for them just to focus on the atlas release than both atlas and another dynamic for the game) will keep me more interested in the game. I typically only enjoy games for a couple years as they get boring over time. That’s what happened with clash of clans…candy crush…angry birds etc…

This game has the potential to change that trend by being capable of adding something new. I could probably easily join a sapphire team that will receive the rollout more quickly or maybe a team that has it already, but I would rather stay loyal to my team and not leave it solely for something like that. I typically only leave teams if they are dying.

Not everyone can or is willing to just spend more money to keep the interest level high enough.

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