Make XP transfers cheaper... as in "nearly free"

This must’ve been requested about a gazillion times before… but instead of pointing out forum search functions, I would like an in-depth analysis as to why nearly free xp transfers would break the game (more) - or break PG’s business model in this game.

I would not be against making transfers cheaper/free, though after a certain point, it becomes easy enough - if boring - to level new dragons.

That said, I think the answers for PG are:

  1. Changing it means players do fewer attacks/spend less time in-game/ decreases similar metrics of “player engagement.” Remember how for their anniversary thing they put out statistics like the number of attacks done?

  2. They monetize just about everything they possibly can, and XP transfers are a perfect “give us lots of money to save a few hours of boredom” target.


True. I see it more of as a convenience thingy. But ppl appreciate conveniency. Much like the recent breeding thingy upgrade - hardly essential, but I bet a lot of WD players liked it a lot nevertheless.

Not bc it was crucial, but bc it was less inconvenient compared to the archaic way it was done before.

Bathroom tissue vs no bathroom tissue. Basically the same thing with or without, but ppl are gradually starting to expect bathroom tissue bc it has gotten so common. So why not here too? :hugs:


Think this would be good idea to include in the upcoming Economy update, if is not already, as we do not get XP potions like used when Feeding Event was around.

Open chests during breeding then.

Yess, you right, but is now the only Event you get them in, whereas before also got them from Feeding Event, and imo more of them.

You need more than 3-4 breeding/season?

Not need, but would be nice if got more :slightly_smiling_face: Being leader, and spending time helping my guild, find that at times is hard to find time to get XP runs in, plus feed breedables/season pups.

you made it sound like we wanted xp pots rather than other useful resources… i faq’ing hated getting those. :man_facepalming:t2:


Sorry, and no is not only resource everyone need, but was just keeping it to thread topic in relation to XP, as transferring is not only way :slightly_smiling_face:

As breeding is a regular event, why doesn’t the one need xp simply open more during breeding, and less during the others?

Bc strategy?

Mine is to pop every gold/bronze I have during 1st pvp event of the season in order to get enough energy packs and inner fires to last me a season’s worth of pvp events, while hoarding chests again, for the rest of the season.

What with rubies accumulating, I can then afford a seasonal mythic once in a blue moon when i use them to pop sigil chests at the end of the season.

For me, (pay cash to) pop chests whenever for whatever just isnt an option.

EDIT: strategy is to get discount branch and egg boost during first 2 weeks, grind like hell to get 2nd branch during season, buy a 3rd using rubies/sigils at the end, to unlock a mythic.

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Nah, was responding to AlphaUnChained regarding more XP potions.

I know, as I don’t open chests during breeding (unless I need those tokens asap) myself, plus dilluting other drop rates with XP potion is bad as not many needs them.

Anyways, getting xp isnt a real problem (for me), since i very rarely get to do multiple breeding steps during a breed event… but in those few occasions when i do, it would be nice to just transfer some of the gabazillion amounts of xp from retired expert dragons.

Hasty grinding vs doing something that feels more fun… me, i aim for the fun part, preferably with minimum amount of effort to get there. :hugs:


You know you can forge/buy 100% and 200% xp boosts?

They’re the only thing I spend rubies on outside of chests. Can easily level a dragon or 2 to breedable within the timespan of the event with these - without grinding.

I’m only at Harbinger though. I don’t know if it gets harder.

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Like you mentioned, I do not open chests unless need to either, and if do whatever may get from them is it, sometimes in those drops do not get potions.

Yess, do buy XP boosts to help, mostly the 200% ones to help make up for not getting XP runs in :slightly_smiling_face:

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