#MakePacksGreatAgain (Actually this would be for the first time)

Been a while since I’ve seen this brought up…so just gonna put it out there.

In every other game I’ve started to play during my time in WD, I’m always surprised how the packs in this game compare to those in others. A game that I’m playing rn (and spending quite a bit in rn) is State of Survival and the packs are awesome. Give you way more stuff and have a lot of variety of packs to choose from so you get more of what you want. I’m spending my money on a game that I’ve invested a week into, way more than I am spending in a game that I’ve invested 4 years into. Simply cause they make it WORTH it.

Let’s be real. The “daily offers” are basically worthless. $.99 for 1k rune dust and a single silver…yeah keep the rare poison striker lol. I’ll keep my money. The normal packs really don’t get you a whole lot either if you’re end game. Sure, equivalent of 80ish golds in rubies + the minute extra rewards that you get with them…but not something that is very incentivizing to buy. It’s like y’all (PG) don’t understand what items are truly worth. Y’all are missing out on a way to make way more money, in my completely unprofessionally backed opinion lol.

Not to mention packs themselves haven’t changed in years. Though they haven’t increased in what they give, dragons now cost double what they used to and the majority of them still are worthless, though that’s another topic. You guys implemented “catch up” mechanics for newer players. How about adding a “keep up” mechanic for those who are trying to remain competitive but can’t without spending a large amount of money on dragons they will never fly?

My suggestion is this:

  • increase rubies in packs again to 40-50k. The one time that y’all released that special pack where it gave 50k was a hallelujah moment all over line which y’all probably didn’t even see.
  • trash all of the current “daily offers” and create new ones like the following:
    - $100 - 40k rubies / 40 12hr timers / 40 Golds / 10k Eggs
    - $100 - 40k rubies / 10k elemental embers / 10k pearls / 30-40 12hrs
    - $100 - 40k rubies / 200-300 12hrs / 100 3hrs / 200 1hrs

Those are ones I spent like 2 mins coming up with so not perfect ofc, but the idea is to make them more valuable as the game has become more and more expensive to play. The first $100 pack isn’t even much more than the one we get now, only 30 more golds. BUT, that small increase would probably be enough for people to consider buying it if it pops up in their shop. Point is this: you would benefit cause players like me who have a little extra money to spend would be more interested in buying something that feels like it’ll actually be worth what we gotta spend. And we will be able to progress in this game and be able to afford these freaking overpriced new dragons that we don’t even use cause they suck too lol.


Agreed, increasing package resources would be a smart thing…You should also add the atlas packs, 100€ for 35k diamonds are out of mind :joy:


The monetary value of these packs sucks because if pg improved them they would not be capable of supplying enough content to the player base and the last thing we need is pg to further rush content!
id say they need to set a monetary value to our dollar and let us build our own pack from a list of available items and when we have what we want to buy from the list we hit pay!
I think they need flexibility not an increase this will only devalue our economy further :man_shrugging:

@Odin I like the idea , tho I hardly doubt pg would do something to change game economy .

Question ? Why dont you think the other packs dont deserve a tweak ? The 59$ , 23$ , 5$ etc

Maybe add something about Atlas Elite being a little cheaper ? There are more and more players that cant afford this game elites anymore especially after pandemics .


It blows my mind. I have no problem spending money for things I want in other games. This game, spending gets you a lot early and nothing later, relatively speaking (per a single pack). Every other game I play you get pretty equivalent value whether you’re early game or late game.

PG appears to be missing a couple of critical bits in their WD model: they should be trying to convert f2p to e2p/p2p, and e2p to p2p (even light or moderate spenders). Any sane freemium model adjusts the value of the premium stuff it offers as the game goes on.

If the model is never adjusted, you have the opposite happen: people slow or stop spending because stuff no longer has value and/or is outdated, and it’s harder to convince new users they are getting stuff that will get them where they want to be.

Within that, there also needs to be the occasional, spectacular, can’t-not-buy-it (if one is in the position to do so) deals. Really good stuff at the $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99 price points (or whatever within this range; I see a lot of these in games and presume some sort of marketing sweet spot, but that’s just a guess). Those types of deals, which I have never seen in WD, are one of the easiest ways to get more people to spend.

But whatever. Everyone always says PG only cares about money. And I agree. But they don’t appear to care about it enough to want to make more of it. :joy:


In those games the content is probably far easier to produce :man_shrugging:
Making packs cheaper and easier for them to be offered at a better value!

War dragons is not an app that can easily produce unlimited content !

But we can all agree that there’s room for improvement! lmao

A design your own pack would be one option versus increasing the gap between spending and grinding!

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This is why I only spend on Elite both Atlas and normal gameplay. If the packs were more Interesting to buy I’d be more than capable to buy one once in a while but right now they are not worth it at all. You literally get some if not most of the resources you will pay in packs from event prizes. Perhaps increasing it a bit in resources wouldn’t hurt even on cost…a better variety of affordable packs. You’ll get more happy customers for a chance.

I don’t want to feel like I have to spend to do better in the game. I would like more fun stuff. Portraits, custom skins, dragon hats, I’d pay a few bucks so my dragon can wear a cape.


Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not get too crazy here with this “free stuff”. Gonna scare PG away :rofl:

I didn’t say anything about free. :crazy_face:

I typically spend 20-50 bucks per week on other games. That money and more used to go to pg for war dragons but now even a $100 pack on this game doesn’t get me anywhere so I stopped spending here and now spend on other games. I’d love to give pg my money but there’s no value in a value pack once you get to a higher level.


I agree with the idea that pack value should adjust according to player level. As a new player I saw value in 100d packs , and I was spending. A lot. Now that I'm in 300s which is nowhere near the competitive level I see less and less value in the packs as they add almost no value to my progression. Just means I need to spend more and more to progress. Therefore I stopped spending at all. :woman_shrugging:

But I also agree that it may be the way for pg to slow down the progression as they don’t come up with new content nearly fast enough.

All in all pg just might not see a correlation between simply increasing the value of the pack (ie more res for same$) and increase in people buying it.

No lie I’d pay a lot of money to make my hau black.


TRuth in any market economy is the drive for spending. It is always value. This does not always mean cheap it means make the offer worth our time, and this money. The value placed on the resources by PG are disconnected from the player base and haven’t been relevant to middle, late or end game players for a long time.
Improve the value and watch the spending increase. Remember that some people are happy spending on $100 packs, but more would purchase $5-$10 if the value was present.

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Dragon skins are a thing I want so bad. Also, by Hau do you mean actual Hau or are you blaspheming and mean that Hez monstrosity (tbh, if I had a carbon Hez, I’d like it)? Don’t answer, we’ll get off topic! :robot:

Yeah, because they’ve chosen not to do anything but power creep content (with some few exceptions). Unless you mean they are currently actually incapable, which, I don’t know, maybe someone knows the answer to that, I have no idea.

Players have been asking for a long time for more stuff like what Daedalus talks about. The attempts I’ve seen almost don’t qualify (change the tint on the roof of a few buildings for $4.99? What?! Let me buy the freaking winter base skin! :money_mouth_face:).

And portraits too, provided they’re at the right price point. Particularly if it’s a portrait that appeals to a broad swath of the player base (a lot of the old portraits come to mind as a source - not the portraits themselves, but I don’t know, sell a portrait inspired by some of the old stuff that people want, like the Baneful Sorceress…her cousin the Benevolent Enchantress or something - really inspired by, not “we took the name and the colors and threw it into a steroid-infected Godzilla-style warrior body.” What, me, biases? Never. Ahem. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah! Sell some cool portraits?).


id like to say im for the idea of increased amounts in packs but odin example is still not worth 100$ pack maybe the 59$ pack

The difficulty here with this game is your spending gives you a direct edge on other players. I haven’t played those other games but I don’t think many of them will be as dire try competitive as wd. Giving more resources to someone in a less directly competitive game doesn’t have too much impact. This game is a whole other thing.

Buff packs and You increase the already significant distance between f2p and p2p players. While I agree the packs at the moment are not worth it. I really think making packs better does more harm than good. Especially if it’s mostly £/$100 packs like you have listed as examples. That really sets the tone that only the big spenders matter.


I play another game and every time an update happens you get a gift. On new content release they give you the difference between old coast and new coast also. Thats how you make your costumers happy, not like WD is to melk players only :roll_eyes: An new player on this game to reach Endgame with 10 maxed towers has to drop at least 5k and will only have an average base. And no runes/glyphs/gear etc.

Most online tactical games are monetized more reasonably and have far less ghrapics and no real time combat!
It’s these factors… the dragons themselves and the style of combat that make producing content a massive job and expensive!
I’m sure this limits how quickly and cheaply content can be produced for this app!

That said I agree there should be more fun and artistic content made available.

Like new portraits new base skins etc.
I don’t think making past content available should be a thing for various reasons!

The core game has historically been hard to monetize and the map once complete should offer pg another route to add monetization where content is easier to produce!
Hopefully making the core game more reasonable and the map needs to be completed so pg can balance monetization and rework the packs in the store !

But to do this the map needs to smooth to play ,fun and tactically dynamic !

What the hell is the point of better packs when the game is so broken. Fix the game first. It’s almost laughable that you are asking for better packs with a broken game. What’s the point in spending any money on this dumpster fire of a game if things don’t work properly