Making a Comeback?

Hey! You may have realized the title of this post “Making a Comeback?” … allow me to explain:

I’m a level 79 player. About three years ago, back in 2016 (around the time Sigurd was released), I had a level 50 account. I do not know what happened, but I took a long break from the game shortly into the following season, whichever season that was. Later, when I decided to come back to the game, I had forgotten my password AND my email and I had to start all over again. I could be a level 400-500 by now. Basically, what I’m asking here is… does anyone have any tips to help me get to the point I should rightfully be at the current time? I know most of you know how this feels… to stupidly quit at something at an earlier time, come back, and either have to start over or be pushed behind. If anyone could tell me ANYTHING (preferably quickest way to level up and progress through tiers faster), that’d be greatly appreciated. If not, then thanks for reading anyway! :v:t4:

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Given you’re a fairly low level I think the main thing is breeding and levelling. Find yourself a breeding path. Red’s paths are great. Build a short base with a single kill island and keep upgrading that island.
Link to reds paths:

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Oh boy welcome back.

There are a number of helpful guides on this . Most notable are base building and breeding plans. If you look around you will find these guides and they will help you immensely.

For example using reds breeding guide - it is a well researched and tested method for moving through breeding . You will get the dragons and eggs you need to be competitive.

Learning how to build a base is also important with the main goal to level a few towers to their maximum rather than lots of weak towers. If you swatch the forums you will see a lot of goodies on that, especially from a player named mecheng .

They a website called war dragon geeks … very helpful in my opinion.

There are many other resources and helpful people here so go ahead and ask away with specific questions. But also search the forums as they are full of questions you may already have that have been answered already.

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You got about $100k?


That’s the “express” mode :moneybag:

No :joy::joy::joy: I’m free2play lol

Breed, forget seasons, go for prizes like embers, pearls and timers. Build up not out. Join a team in sapphire. Grind like hell.

Maybe in about 3 years you’ll be at current end game.


Feels optimistic as F2P.

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And how far advanced would “endgame” be in that amount of time? :joy:

3 years further.


I know :joy:

But how many tower levels and tiers do you think there will be? :thinking:

Tiers are now 6 months right?
So 6 more tiers in 3 years

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Yeah we’ve had 4 tiers since I started in March 17.

Are we counting tiers how here? Legendary /Mythic considered 1 or 2 tiers?
(1 tier = 6 months I assume where a tier is the full element tier like Empyrean)

I mean… I finished green tier in 2 months and gold tier in about the same amount of time, going to platinum soon. I guess it will get harder and take longer :man_shrugging:t4:

run while you still can


:money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: truth be told :joy:

I’ll be really, really surprised if this game goes on for three more years.


Growing fast is all about balance of timers and eggs
First u need to find yourself a team in the highest league possible u can get into and that includes atlas that will give u extra eggs and timers u need to grow faster. Second be very active especially in regards to doing egg missions that means every 30 minutes use rubies to get next egg mission. Also play smart and hard in events to get lots of sigil.
If u can manage all that u will probably raise faster then usuall


I’m in a platinum 2 team with atlas called HostileIntent. As a team, we normally get the top 5 in events. Individually tho, my best event is fortification, breeding being second easiest and pvp being not so easy. I’ll take your advice into consideration tho :slight_smile:

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