Making Atlas introduction a little easier for newer players; Atlas Elite

As more and more players are introduced to Atlas, I think that it is very important for PocketGems to make the environment a little better for newer players or teams to Atlas.

A few months ago, I did a 24 hour challenge stream to see how far we could bring a new account in 1 day without spending. I was surprised to find that the free trial of Atlas Elite was no longer being introduced when new players got Atlas.

Atlas is essential for personal progression and a lot of the newer/younger player base does not yet know the benefits of Atlas Elite which I believe to be the most important purchase in the game. Troops are the currency of Atlas.

My suggestion is to reintroduce the Atlas Elite 1 Week Trial Period for newer players to Atlas upon completion of the tutorial. This will encourage players to take an interest in Atlas and lead them to ask more questions regarding it. Also, it will show them first hand the difference in having Atlas Elite and not having it…(Advertise your best best available product)




Or a month of it. :grin:


Honestly, even though I think you are jokingly suggesting this, this would be best…they are already how many years behind???

With games that have been around as long as this one, it is normal that long time players start to move on or retire from the game; catering to smaller/newer players is a great way to start building back the community

I’ve played this game for a very long time and plan to continue playing it, but I am seeing more and more of my long time friends retire (for various reasons). I talk about this a lot on my channel but I would like to see PG pushing more for the community and helping direct smaller teams that are new to Atlas in the right direction. There is A LOT of sources of information for people that frankly many just don’t know about…I for one am Live pretty much everyday and have a lot of tutorials sitting on YouTube…



I was dead serious, but I just happen to have smiley face on most of the time. :grin:


I just found out that they stopped doing this because an officer on the team started an alt. I was hoping maybe it was just a glitch or something, I just can’t understand why they would remove it for new players. If anything, from their perspective, it’s an excellent way to get new players “hooked” on elite and to a further extent atlas itself. I’m not even sure how people are active in atlas without elite, and new players have no idea how much elite helps and may just get discouraged with atlas all together without the extra help.

Might even be a good idea to give players elite for free after they’ve already had atlas for a week so they have more of an appreciation for the benefits it gives. That way they would be more likely to take advantage, maybe even unlock it after a week but allow them to start it when they want.
I also totally agree that at this point it makes more sense for it to be a month of free elite since there’s an even bigger gap between atlas veterans and new players just getting atlas.


I’m not sure that new players know how to take advantage of Atlas Elite when it’s available only for one week as soon as they get Atlas, and if they can’t take advantage and actually see the benefits the chances of purchasing elite after seems to be slim. Seeing what it’s like without, taking your time learning atlas and then getting it, seems a better option. Maybe once a month for three months might encourage learning Atlas and develop a player willing to spend to have it.

Maybe make a buddy system with other players who have proven themselves to be experienced with atlas, and in trade for a small amount of rubies or something can help new players and guide them along the way for a positive check mark and maybe some goodies?

there is no point of new players in atlas.

a new player with a crap prim and a few troops at level 50 will have no positive experience.

This is not the same as an alt if its an alt then buy atlas elite if you want it.

No other observation about Atlas is needed to see that its been won, the game is over. the escalation of prims and their cost is just another nail in the coffin.


Are they getting any new players though? If so how much? If they are getting new players odds are they might just downright quit. Call me negative but this game has so many neglected problems.

When it comes to elite odds are Pg will most likely do nothing to make getting elite easier other than every December and the cost of 5 American dollars and probably a lot more expensive in other countries.

Also they took away the weekly trial elite from Atlas? When did that happen I got that sometime around 2018 - 2019 I don’t exactly remember the date.

Yes. How many doesn’t (nor should) matter to any of us players.

With the way that it’s difficult to get started in atlas, aka the point of Peter’s post, probably. That’s why he’s recommending a solution that will help new players get a better foothold into the system.

You’re negative.


It would not be a foothold it would be nothing wrapped and put under the tree.

A foothold would be removing all but gold one and two prims and making them cheaper.

As they are gold and time sinks all the things new players don’t have

Atlas is sink or swim and avoid get eaten by sharks haha

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There needs to be a segregated Atlas training map where newer players can duke it out with each other.


I know people hate this but adding an alliance/guild system into the game could allow newer teams in atlas to join larger alliances to grow and be mentored by more experienced teams. But death to mega alliances, so it is truely sink or swim. When I first got atlas at the land expansion teams joined alliances and were mentored. Then this community has been nothing but self destructive since blaming each side for its downfall. PG failed to put this crucial social aspect of this game into the actual game itself. Thats just my 2 cents from living inside multiple alliances over the years. I’m not sure how dread side did things during the expansion but I’m sure it was similar.

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Do pirates technically make it sink faster? Sure it must be fun and boring sometimes being a pirate.