Making Gladicus great...for once

rejuvenate just doesnt do the job that gladicus needs, funny enough vampiric touch is the exact spell Gladicus needs but it drains too much rage.

So I propose a 1 rage white vampiric touch ( so that it can be activated while shield assault is active) that only heals 5-10% of max health per tower destroyed but gains 75-100% of a rage bar.

While your at it, maybe increase the damage of shield assault ^^

Absolutely not. Please no.


PGCoffee has already talked about how the solution to making a dragon good shouldn’t be just to give it a white spell… :see_no_evil:


Absolutely not. Having white spells once again make newbies think they can fly. Learn how to combine your spells to fly effectively :metal:


I simply said white only cuz there already is a vampiric touch, unless the dev team wants to make another version of vampiric touch like with intimidating roar and seismic screech, one that focuses on the rage aspect instead of health regen. which i’m not opposed to.

The only way to power-up Gladicus is to equip it with the following runes (normal And glyph):

  • Healing Frenzy (Rejuvenate Increases Attack / Rage)
  • Healing Frenzy (Rejuvenate Increases Attack / Rejuvenate Duration)
    Basically, 5 runes for rejuvenate (it must be mythic and legendary runes/glyph or will be usless)
    It is not a very powerful dragon but against a non-defended base it is very good ( if equipped as above ) :wink:

The “rejuvenate reduce damage by 50% while active” rune is not working anymore.

Was confirmed in a thread I can’t find atm

Its a bug or what ??

No they simply deactivated the function.

When it worked (back when gold tier was max) you saw a orange blinking shield stating 50% damage reduction as an on-screen text

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Gladicus sucks. The rejuvenate is ok, but the shield spell needs a base mana cost and duration instead of just draining mana until you are out.

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